Preventative Maintenance

April, 18/2017
Preventative Maintenance: Pneumatic Systems
The Pneumatic circuit is a very important element in Breton machines. To extend the life of the pneumatic system, as well as minimize failure, Breton provides a step by step guide before the start of each and every machine installation. There are 3 main aspects that need to be addressed when maintaining the pneumatic system on any Breton machine:

•   If you look at the pneumatic system’s layout drawing, you will see the air specifications for all of the Breton machines. Each machine requires a different CFT/Min, but every single one of them require the same air quality. Having an air system with a compressor and a dryer is essential. Also, please keep in mind that the dryer needs to be located as close as possible to the machine.
•   The temperature inside the building must always be monitored. During winter months, or when the temperature drops significantly, it could cause condensation inside the hoses and pipes of the machine. The water and humidity created by the condensation could contaminate all of the machine’s air components (solenoid valves, pneumatic cylinders, and air pressure regulators). To avoid this from happening, it is very important to keep the environmental temperature between 5C / 41F and 42C / 107F, and the air temperature in the machine near 20C / 68F and 25C / 77F
•   Dust is constantly an issue when it comes to the air system. The machine already comes equipped with a dust and water filter near the pneumatic cabinet, however, we recommend that the filter be cleaned with soap and water around every 6 months.

For any further questions or concerns, please contact our service department: SERVICE@BRETONUSA.COM.


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