Automating Kitchen Top Production

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July, 17/2018
Smart Suite for Countertop Production
Thanks to Breton's dedication to research and development, ongoing improvement, innovation, and high-quality products and services, we offer you the XpressTOP. In a nutshell, this system single-handedly is the most advanced smart software suite for managing the entire counter top production cycle. This innovative modular approach leads users throughout each stage of production: sales, design, inventory, and production. XpressTOP is the solution your business needs to increase productivity, reduce costs, and give your CNC fabrication shop the competitive advantage it deserves.
Now, time to get more specific and explain how it can make your business more profitable, organized and efficient. Right, the good stuff. Exactly what we're thinking...

Sales - Everything boils down to this. What will make or break your business.
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The Sales Module was designed for the generation of quotes, production orders, and to schedule everything else along the way. With this module, you can manage the CRM and price list, schedule various sales related activities, assign managers to different responsibilities, generate commercial documentation and sales reports, display the status of orders in real time, and manage your suppliers of raw materials.
Design - What makes your products stand out from the rest. Period.

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The Design Module was made to help you churn out the best looking counter tops that your shop is capable of. This module allows you to make designs using CAD, parametric forms, import and export DXF files, and insert all edge processing and finishing information.
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While you're designing, it automatically generates the production bill of material and offer, manages the archive of all projects, DXF files received from customers, and the raw materials in inventory while being able to generate a purchase order to suppliers.
Inventory - Where the goods are kept.
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The Inventory Module manages all your information regarding raw materials, starting from the purchase order of slabs, imaging them, through the design period, out the door with the sale of that counter top, and making its way back home in the archive. It also keeps stock of available material, generates supply suggestions, and automatically issues purchase orders for new materials for suppliers.
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This module also contains a photographic archive of digital slabs with all dimensions and characteristics. You will also be able to access your bid requests and purchase orders, reserve certain materials for different projects, create and control slab waste, quality control materials to check for non-compliance of emissions. Oh yeah, everything is also accessible by mobile devices.
Production - What's there to talk about without results?

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The Production Module allows you to program, plan and monitor all the various phases of project implementation. The "production sheet" helps you to track raw materials and components being used, monitor in real-time the status of the project, and gives the operators a schedule for responsibilities that need to be handled.
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With this module, you can also trace slabs, create 3D renderings with the real slab being used, which is then automatically sent to the machine to carry out the designated cuts. Scheduling production phases, monitoring the progress of cutting, contouring, edge execution, finishing, packing, and creating productions reports and statistics has never been easier.

It's time for us to take a step back here and recap why XpressTOP is a game changer. 

Nobody can argue this logic:

Increased production + lower costs = more revenue
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XpressTOP is the only software on the market characterized by such an innovative platform with modules that guides its user through the various production phases, from kitchen design, to quotes and offers, to managing the warehouse and orders, and watching it leave your CNC fabrication shop.
Don't forget: 

- Breton is the only one on the market to offer this solution 
- The precise and highly detailed management process saves resources
- It speeds up the procurement of ordering raw materials 
- Upholding a high-quality line of products has never been simpler from it identifying critical variables that affect product quality
- Human error is eliminated as it avoids mistakes from the database of Bill of Materials
- The entire kitchen top production cycle is computerized into one hub and minimalizes paper trails
- Organizational efforts become simpler as it provides offices with the various production departments the exact information they need

The Breton XpressTOP software is the only kitchen top cycle management software you'll ever need. To learn more about this software, please reach out to us via email at, or by phone at (941) 960 - 8753.


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