Innovative Technology: Fuego Multiaxis

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June, 23/2017
Innovative Technology: Fuego Multiaxis
Since Classical times, the ability to cut and sculpt stone for architectural and artistic uses has been a hallmark of Western civilization and has led to some of the world’s greatest masterpieces. Yet, ever since the days of ancient Greece and Rome, the technology to produce such marvels has required thousands of hours of human labor and been dependent upon the skilled craftsmanship of individual artists.

That is, until now.

Utilizing diamond wire and technology that allows it to interpolate up to 10 axes, Breton’s Fuego Multiaxis is designed to shape and dimension stone blocks up to 1,800 mm (more than 70 inches) in a variety of complex profiles that include cylindrical and conical columns, shells for column finish, silhouettes for décor, stairs, frames, and much more.

This incredibly innovative machine has two opposite “carriages” that move vertically independent of each other on guides with ball screws that are protected by bellows. One trolley is equipped with a motor and driven pulley, each of which is 1,000 mm (33 inches) in diameter, while the opposite one has two 1,000 mm driven pulleys. A pneumatic cyclinder maintains tautness on the pulleys while the machine’s electrical cabinet contains a digital inverter that controls the power of the main motor and the motors required for axes’ movement. A color touchscreen provides operators with easy-to-use, hands-free control of all functions.

The Fuego Multiaxis can also be customized with Rhino Stone Wire software, developed exclusively by Breton. This cutting-edge CAD/CAM plug-in allows users to create semi-finished products starting from either 2D or 3D objects. It includes a three-dimensional kinetic simulation to immediately check the overall outcome of the machining process.

This major step in our extensive product line of traditional stone equipment is for clients who demand works of art of the highest complexity while providing maintenance and consumable costs that are considerably lower than is possible with traditional methods, which often involve multiple machines and material movements.
Watch the Fuego in action
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