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December, 13/2018
Las Vegas, Nevada
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Mandalay Bay Convention Center, 1/23 - 1/25
Simple and Unique

The Genya 600 is the perfect entry level saw for fabrication shops looking to transition into CNC equipment and digital fabrication. 
This gantry-style saw is an interpolated 5-axis monoblock cutting and milling center with a rotating head and suction system for manipulating slabs and optimizing cuts. It is the ideal solution for cutting natural stone, quartz and ceramic materials.

Several different upgrades can be added while your business grows to keep up with the increasing demands it will bring. It is a highly modular CNC machine, which allows fabshops to grow with it.

Since this CNC machine requires no foundations, moving it to another part of the shop, to a new location, or to make room for more CNC equipment becomes easier than operating this bridge saw!

There are numerous benefits that come from using a bridge saw. If you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, there will inevitably come a time that you must consider scaling up.

Have your clients’ demands increased? Do you want to expand your fabshop’s local market share? Can you no longer handle the current output without falling behind? Do you want to do more fabrication without hiring more workers? Is your body taking a toll from the physical labor of operating without a bridge saw? 
Whatever your reason may be, it is time to invest in an interpolated 5-axis CNC monoblock bridge saw, like the Genya and supercharge production. Aside from the Genya, Breton USA also offers an entire range of bridge saws from Breton’s catalogue of CNC machines.

The automated process of machine tools cutting, milling, drilling and trimming, by means of computer numerical control commands programmed by CNC operators remains unrivaled for a reason. Breton has found the best way to engineer this technology and the results speak for themselves.

Fabrication shops that commit to using industry-leading technology not only have a positive ROI, but their customers know they are getting the best counter tops offered by partnering with a company that puts quality first.

This restyled and upgraded bridge saw brings the stone industry the latest innovative technology.

Simply put, the Genya is the most advanced CNC monoblock bridge saw on the market today. It is stacked to the ceiling in all its upgrades. 
Fixed Camera
Bridge Saw
Fixed camera integrated in the machine’s structure for capturing photos of the entire slab with a single shot. The camera is housed in a protective case, preventing fragments and water from damaging it.
Cutting Head
Bridge Saw
Cutting head with continuous C axis movement that rotates around its vertical axis of ± 190°, driven by a digital brushless motor, and automatically tilts in every position from 0° to 90°. It also has a cutting trajectory laser tracer to ensure you get the most accurate cuts.
13 kW motor
13 kW motor controlled by an inverter on the spindle, with a working range of 1,000 – 5,000 rpm, providing unparalleled efficiency for different blade diameters and a ½” gas connection for core bit attachments and finger bit tools.
Bridge Saw
The rigid cast iron spindle and cutting head is carried by a gantry rack-and-pinion system driven by digital brushless motors, whereas its vertical movement comes from ball recirculation guides, driven by the same motor, resulting in the quickest and most precise movements. The bridge saw system creates the most effective and accurate cuts, in comparison to a robotic saw. An Energy Management system transfers the energy recovered during braking and redirects it towards another motor that is beginning to accelerate. 
Gripping system
Bridge Saw
Suction cup system positioned behind the rotating head, allowing the core drill and finger bit tools to remain on the spindle during normal blade cutting operations. Automation in the fabrication process alleviates many tasks that are very time consuming without it. This system lets CNC operators manipulate and nest slab pieces on the workbench without having to physically move them during the cycle, while optimizing slab usage.
Tilting Workbench
Bridge Saw
Tilting workbench constructed of galvanized steel and comes equipped with a thick rubber coating for stability and accuracy. It makes loading/unloading slabs simpler. This ergonomic workbench makes handling maneuvering slabs easier and less physically demanding.
Slab Thickness Probe
Bridge Saw
A slab thickness probe is is attached to the head for automatic and continuous correction of cutting patterns for perfect 45° miter cuts every time. There is also an electronic contact device on the head that checks the diameter of the blade during operations. This drastically improves the accuracy of counter tops for shops that have not utilized CNC equipment for fabrication processes.
Lubrication System
Bridge Saw
Centralized lubrication system for moving parts with 3 convenient greasing points. With the lubrication points on the cutting head, it eliminates the need for a CNC operator to access the working area, preventing accidents and saving time for other tasks.
Siemens 840SL
Bridge Saw
A Siemens 840SL 15-inch color touch screen monitor is the Genya’s CNC computer unit for the fabrication process. This control console can be positioned several different ways, creating a practical work environment. The CNC operator can place it where they feel most comfortable while monitoring, programming and cutting counter tops. It features a joystick for intuitively moving various work axis around with ease. A mobile remote facilitates operations that must be carried out near the workbench. This user-friendly software works in any Windows environment, allowing the importation of DXF files and structured DXFs containing necessary information for cutting. It is operable on two different levels, Fast & Easy and Professional
Fast & Easy
Bridge Saw
The CNC interface has easy-to-use software, giving new CNC operators a hassle-free time while trying to learn the system. Fast and Easy is programmable for being able to easily and rapidly carry out all simple cutting operations with just a few taps on the Siemen’s touchscreen. 
Bridge Saw
The Genya’s Professional level was designed for experienced CNC operators and for those who quickly learn how to program the Fast & Easy level. This is a perfect example of how fabrication shops can grow along side this machine. However, this level lets advanced operators test their abilities by programming complex cutting and shaping operations. It also gives them the freedom to download production orders for the system, report defected slabs on the photo from the fixed camera displayed on the Siemen’s touchscreen, optimize automatic nesting of designs on slab surfaces, and automatically execute the cutting scheme.
The Infinite Vein
Bridge Saw
This vein matching accessory gives CNC operators the ability to program cutting operations that reflect infinite, flush veins. Coupling several different slabs and matching their veins is now simpler than ever with this new software for the Genya. It can manage 8 slabs simultaneously, while matching their respective veins, which is carried out by programming cutting operations on the rendering of the project displayed on the screen.
Solid Blocks
Bridge Saw
Shaping solid blocks with blades is very easy with this 5-axis CNC monoblock bridge saw in fabrication shops. With the Smartcut Profiles software, CNC operators can carry out this function, giving your clients more options. Generating simple profiles on solid blocks gives fabricators the ability to expand their portfolio and do more with their saws. It shapes solid blocks of stone by Comb Machining, vertically and horizontally with a diamond blade. This software expansion is programmed using CAD, which is also displayed on this bridge saw’s monitor.
Composite Workbench
Bridge Saw
The Genya’s workbench is covered entirely in a plastic composite material, replacing its predecessor’s wooden workbench. Humidity and corrosion stand no chance against this workbench, as it is impenetrable, prolonging its life and optimizing the fabrication process. On top of the composite material is a thick layer of rubber, which protects delicate materials – like ceramic and quartz slabs – while increasing accuracy for the slabs as they get cut. 
Production Control
Bridge Saw
The production control software comes with a code scanner and label printer for the CNC’s interface unit. This software confirms and discards slabs that were already cut. It also prints identification labels for new slabs as they enter a fabrication shop’s yard for easy management. The device also allows the automatic selection of slabs and its cutting possibilities
Bridge Saw
The main benefit of operating a bridge saw is the safety features that come with it. However, not every bridge saw in the stone industry is safe, since many of them do not have protective barriers. The Genya’s monoblock structure is completely enclosed, protecting the CNC operator and everyone else in the fabrication shop. The large, transparent front doors are up to CE standards not only keeps everyone safe but allows the operator to still monitor the operation while the blade is cutting. The thermoformed ABS doors are made with sound absorbing foam, creating a better work environment by limiting the operator’s exposure to sound, protecting their hearing, and help them hear others yell for help in the case of an emergency. 
Industry 4.0 Software
Bridge Saw
The compatible software for this bridge saw takes it to another level. For example, XpressTOP, the most advanced smart software suite on the market today for managing the entire counter top production cycle. There is also DigiHub, the easiest way to digitize CNC manuals, track real-time machine data, automatically supervise production lines, get reports, and gain access remotely while monitoring on a PC or any smart device. These are only a couple of the software solutions we offer to improve CNC operators’ experiences with Breton bridge saws in fabrication shops.
Breton Saw
Training is provided to fabrication shops and CNC operators every time a machine is purchased from Breton USA. Regardless of their experience with CNC machines, learning how to operate this bridge saw is very simple, thanks to our exclusive training. After the technicians have your new machine operational, they will remain there until the operators are comfortable and proficient with all its functions. When you invest in a bridge saw from Breton USA, we make sure that your business can make the most of its technology.
Bridge Saw
Breton USA offers industry-leading service for all Breton machines in North America. With three facilities in the United States, we are equipped to supply fabrication shops with spare parts at your disposal.
Bridge Saw
A smooth workflow is the lifeline of your business and with any disruption of operation, no matter how small, the costs can add up quickly. That’s why Breton USA has a remote hotline service. Advanced remote services allow us to connect directly to your Breton machinery to troubleshoot problems in real time. Actual data for fault tracing and analysis allows us to resolve over 90% of our service calls remotely, putting you back in operation more quickly and cost-effectively.
Innovation Applied
There is no better time than now to go digital or upgrade to a bridge saw, like the Genya, and improve what matters most: accuracy, efficiency, ergonomics, production and safety.

Still not sure why investing in a bridge saw is worth it?
CNC technology is constantly evolving, and by not investing in the latest solutions, fabrication shops can become obsolete. Partnering with an industry-leading company will give you the best opportunity to become more successful and stay ahead. 
Upgrading your bridge saw and other CNC equipment to reach new heights is not merely an idea, but with Breton, it is the reality. We are constantly researching and developing the unique line of products for the stone industry to give you an advantage over competition.
Above all else, if accuracy, efficiency, performance and eliminating human errors is not important, at least invest in safety to get your workers home safely to their families.
Tise 2019
The Genya 600 and Combicut will be at The International Surface Event in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Start planning now if you are attending TISE 2019 and schedule a visit to BOOTH 3037 from January 23 – 25 to see these bridge saws in action.

Breton USA’s engineers and salesmen will be present to answer any questions you can throw at them and show you how our machines produce perfect miters.

We cannot wait to see you there!
Pleas contact us today at (941) 960-8753 or to learn more about the Genya or to plan a meeting for TISE 2019.



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