Founded on Service

December, 27/2019
Founded on Service
Breton USA was established in 2004 to meet the demand for service on Breton CNC machines in North America. With the vision in place, Breton USA gained the exclusive rights to service Breton’s CNC machinery throughout North America. 

Seven years after starting Breton USA, the service expectations were surpassed, and in July 2011 Breton USA was able to start selling the full line of machinery and software available from Breton SpA. Unifying the sales and service experience is what has made Breton USA possible.

What started as one location with two employees has turned into over 30 employees and seven service locations in the United States and Canada. The continued success is possible with the mentality that the service provided needs to have the same high-quality reputation as the machines themselves.  
“We would like to focus on building a high level of performance; every single customer is important,” says Stefano Costa, export sales manager for Breton SpA.

The initial vision of Breton USA hasn’t been overlooked and continues to steadily grow by streamlining the service process as much as possible and by adding new service locations across North America. 

The streamlining process has been made possible by adding the capability to fix third-party parts that are included in some of the machinery. The Siemens Computer Numerical Control can be serviced directly through Breton USA saving outsourcing time.
United States Locations

Sarasota, Florida became the main headquarters for Breton USA when it was established in 2004.  At the time of conception, there were a couple of people operating out of the Florida home base and servicing machines across North America. 

Expanding the presence of Breton USA was an important aspect of the growth plan and a second location in Detroit, Michigan soon opened its doors. 

With each new location that has opened the service department has become more efficient and quicker in meeting the customer’s needs.

Courtney Bonhomme, The Breton USA Service Department Administrator says “The service department is a very diverse environment which makes every day new and exciting. We like to ensure each customer’s service experience whether it be working with the customer during the buying and delivering process or helping with machinery issues. It is an enjoyable experience and keeps our customers coming back to Breton for future needs!”


The second service location to open under Breton USA is the Detroit, MI site.  This location holds a large inventory of parts and is in an ideal location due to the number of Breton machines that are stationed in the Midwest.

This secondary location helped to increase response time and enabled clients to get faster and more effective service than they had before.


The most recent service point to open is located on the West Coast. This latest endeavor is another step in the pursuit of offering better customer service across North America.

“Working for Breton USA in Sarasota was very nice, and I will miss the people, but California is a market the represents great potential.” Sebastiano Miotti, Breton USA West Coast Technician. 

Miotti says, “This opportunity offers me personal growth, time to learn, and sharpen my knowledge of Breton’s CNC machine range, the ability to make more happy customers and explore American life on the West Coast of the United States.”

With this latest expansion customers located on the West Coast get faster service than before.

The three Canadian service points have extended the reach and swiftness of the service department ensuring that Breton USA continues to excel while meeting customer needs.

The Canadian service locations are in:

- Ontario, Canada
- Montreal, Canada
- Toronto, Canada

These service locations hold a substantial amount of inventory assisting with the speed and quality of service in North America. 
Breton USA prides itself on the service that is provided and the speed with which it is accomplished. The different service locations regularly keep and update over 6 million dollars’ worth of inventory to improve the availability of the most essential parts and to decrease the response time. 

An extra layer of convenience is that many of the machines come equipped with Siemens components which are easy to come by and available throughout the United States. Breton is also equipped to service Siemens components. 

The ideology that Breton USA was built on service is taken very seriously and the extensive inventory of parts on site is just one way that shows how much Breton USA cares about the service and care of all its customers. 

“The people are very happy when the service happens quickly, it’s nice to see them go from a bad mood to a good mood so quickly.  Another good feeling is when we hear the customers buy the machines due to how fast the service team is.” – Moreno Zilliotto, Breton USA Technical Service Coordinator.
Breton USA offers on-site training or refresher courses on the entire catalog of Breton machines.  The technicians are available in assisting the clients in utilizing their machines in the best way possible.

According to Miotti, “I love to show CNC operators how our bridge saws and CNC routers work, how to get the best performance out of them and seeing clients happy with their industry-leading technology investments.”

This level of support is about fixing things before they break, ensuring that the client and their shop know how to use the product and all the different operations included with the machine. This service is great for those just getting started, clients that need to train new operators or those that just need a refresher course on the capabilities of their machine. 
The Breton technicians are able and willing to come to any customer's shop and work directly with any staff that needs to be trained on the machine.  

When installing a new machine, the technicians stick around for however long is needed so that the client and their shop knows how to use the machinery and components in the best way possible.

Miotti says, “Installation is very nice because I get to spend more time with customers, building relationships, giving them presentations of their new CNC machine during training to show its capabilities and production will improve.”
24-hour remote hotline/advanced remote services
Breton is a worldwide company that offers a free 24-hour remote hotline service that allows the CNC technicians the ability to diagnose issues remotely.  The advanced remote services allow the technicians to connect directly to the Breton machinery, making troubleshooting problems in real-time possible.

“We offer excellent customer service and a high success rate in fixing issues remotely.  This saves the customers money and they are happy with our quick response.”  Mike Cusinato Breton USA Technician

Once the operator and technician are connected the technician can talk the client through their issues and instruct them what to do to fix their machine. Service issues are often able to be corrected remotely, allowing the customer to be operational very quickly and cost-effectively. These remote service calls have a success rate of around 91%. 

According to Ziliotto “All day, every day, we get remote calls that we are able to quickly handle.”
Preventative Maintenance - Tailored to each customer
Breton USA offers customizable subscriptions for preventative maintenance.  These service plans are available for the full product line and are uniquely tailored to each customer’s wants and needs. 

Maintenance is an important factor in owning a CNC machine.  Taking care and staying on top of machine maintenance increases the longevity and investment of a machine and Breton USA is here to make sure that the machine remains in peak working condition. 

With the quality, safety, and reliability that is associated with the Breton name the service sector is just as important and is on par with the rest of the brand. The goal is to provide service when the customer needs it the most; be it remotely through our hotline, over email, or in person.  As Ms. Bonhomme says, “We are so happy to be growing our customer database within the North American region and look forward to future prospects!”

Reach our service department at or the parts department at  Access the different hotline phone numbers by going to Breton USA's hotline. 


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