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Software Solutions for Industry 4.0
Sentinel - Big Data Platform
Breton DigiHub

The operating data of the machine constitutes a real "mine" of information from which to extract value, not only to interpret the past, but also to know the future.

Breton DigiHub

Breton has developed this IT platform to collect and monitor machine data in real time in order to optimize the exploitation of the machine and make maintenance operations more efficient. 

All of the data collected can be detailed for each order with access anywhere from common devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.)
Breton DigiHub
SENTINEL displays all the main production data:

hours worked

pieces produced

- calculation of the Overall Equipment Efficiency

active tool working time

energy consumption 

- sends alarms on the state of health of the machine
Breton DigiHub

It also manages the times related to ordinary maintenance in an integrated way and according to the actual use of the machine, with the possibility to register the user who performed the maintenance and the time taken to perform it.

Can store and make available on screen all the documentation related to the machine supplied by the manufacturer, as well as the customized contents uploaded by the operator (photos, videos, control reports ... etc.).
DOC MOBILE - Smarter, Greener Manuals
Breton DigiHub
Have you ever considered how much time fabrication time is lost trying to find and consult the manuals to your CNC machines? 

Well, Breton has engineered the ideal solution saving you time and optimizing your shop's productivity.

DOC MOBILE is an innovative software that allows CNC operators to replace paper documents with digital versions, making accessing them a whole lot easier.
Breton DigiHub
The documentation is accessible in an easy, convenient and fast way, on all commonly used devices (smartphone, tablet, PC ...) in line 
with modern technologies. 

Use the best technologies for viewing and manipulating PDF files. 

Indexing of documents
Search for a text or a string of at least four characters in the entire documentation. 

Allows you to use multimedia contents. The user can add notes, bookmarks, insert and share specific video tutorials for maintenance operations for operators and maintainers. 
Tag integration (Qrcode and iBeacon).
Breton DigiHub
View documents even in the absence of a Wi-Fi network.

Multiple users
Multiple users can access the same documentation at the same time. 

The available documentation is always the latest version and the update is done automatically 

All contents are encrypted. 

Green application
We will all become smarter and greener by using DOC MOBILE by making the environment cleaner from avoiding consumption of paper, printers, toners and couriers for shipping.
SKynet - Production Line Supervisor
Breton DigiHub

This is a hardware and software system specifically designed for processing lines consisting of several CNC machines and equipment. 

SKYNET allows CNC operators to: 

View the main data of the production process in progress through a line synoptic

Collect and display the main statistical data of the production process, with traceability of the process data changes made by the individual operator

Automatically adjust the variable and remotely controllable processing parameters of the line according to the materials to be worked on by the operator
Breton DigiHub

Visualize the production planning defined by the company computerized system (MES - Manufacturing Execution System) or by the operator

Tracing and visualizing the work carried out on every single unit of product processed by the line
Breton DigiHub

This software is equipped with a console and display positioned near the line. 

All data and information of SKYNET are also usable on any type of device enabled and connected via the web to the company network (desktop PC, tablet, smartphone). 

It is able to exchange, after personalization of the case, information with the company's computerized production management systems (MES, ERP, SAP, etc.)
Training operators on how to use this feature is very simple. Breton provides a dedicated video tutorial that can be accessed from the web.
Applying Innovation
Breton digiHUB was designed to improve the overall quality of CNC machines in fabrication shops. By taking advantage of this innovative solution, you will spend less time searching for manuals, tracking data, supervising production lines, and spend more time fabricating. Breton is committed to improving your overall experience and this is just one another step taken to fulfil our promise to you. 

Contact us today to learn more about how it improves effiency, optimization, ease of use and productivity in fabrication shops at or (941) 960-8753. 



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