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Annual Machine tools meeting
Breton USA recently held its annual Machine Tools sales meeting in Sarasota, Florida. These meetings used to give agents and salesmen the latest product developments and resources to benefit their clients and prospective clients. Every year Breton is finding new ways to improve their machining processes for various industries.

These include but are not limited to aerospace, automotive, mold & die and defense industries. For that reason, we pride ourselves on holding an annual sales meeting and training session to service our clients and industry better than the previous year. Just as Breton SpA is driven by Innovation, Breton USA is driven by unifying the sales and customer experience to simplify your CNC machining needs.
Represented by our President and CEO, Gianrico Filippetto, General Manager, Kimberly Balychev, National Sales Manager, Steve Previti, and Guido Voi, Breton USA’s Machine Tools Technical Service Coordinator and CNC technician.
Our team had the honor to host some of Breton’s engineers and sales managers, being Aldo Salvaneschi, Gabriele Corletto and Dario Compagni. Through presentations and dialogue, the two companies came to together and worked diligently in combined efforts to equip and educate our salesmen with the most up-to-date knowledge on Breton CNC machines and the various industries it services.
During this two-day event, Breton USA’s new agents and dealers were able to meet and interact with our existing sales network. With that, we are excited to announce that our machine tools department is expanding.
Expanding network
One of our new dealers is Marcus Machinery, located in Erie, Pennsylvania. The agents that will be representing Breton USA from Marcus Machinery are Mark Henne, Nathan Henne, and John Kusinko. They bring over 50 years combined experience in the Aerospace, medical, R&D, academia, automotive, tool & die, military, appliance, and energy markets. Their territory covers Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, Maryland, Delaware and D.C.

How long has Marcus Machinery been in the industry?
Mark Henne, CMTSE and president of Marcus Machinery has been in the industry for over 30 years. Marcus Machinery has been in existence for 7 years.

What is the combined experience of your team?
75 years.

What’s your niche (mold and die, aerospace, automotive, etc.)?
Providing world-class machine tool solutions for leading manufacturers so they can remain competitive in an ever-changing global market.

What solutions will you now be able to offer your clients by partnering with Breton USA?
Breton USA fits in perfectly with our premier line of European Machine Tools and automation specialists. Our company understands why customers need leading technology and innovative solutions for complex and unique projects. And now, with Breton we are able to offer our customers custom large format solutions for their machining needs.

Interview with Shannon Anglero, director of business development & marketing at Marcus Machinery

GeoTeck Services Inc. is another new dealer that will be offering their market Breton CNC high-speed milling machines as agents of Breton USA. Brad Barker and Jerry Pizzimenti will be the agents offering the North American market Breton’s CNC machines. Indiana, Michigan and Ohio are the states they are covering.
These new agents were kindly met by Breton USA’s current agents. Chuck Culliton from Ross Machinery Sales Inc., was in attendance as well. Chuck covers Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. He has been an agent of Breton USA for many years and he was able to bring valuable insight to the meeting as well. Chuck is quick to address the needs and concerns of his clients and create dynamic solutions for them with Breton machine tools.
Among the veteran attendees, was Clinton Wenzel from Clinton Wenzel Machine, LLC, whose territories include Louisiana and Mississippi.

How long has Clinton Wenzel Machine, LLC been in the industry?
Clinton Wenzel Machine, LLC was established in 2011. I, however, have been in the Machine Tool industry [for 34 years] since 1985.

What is the combined experience of your team?
65 Years.

How big is your team?
We have one Salesman (that is Clinton Wenzel), and two Service Technicians, Chris Tompkins and Tim Louden.

What’s your niche (mold and die, aerospace, automotive, etc.)?
The driving industry in our area is Oil & Gas, but our niche in the market is providing “Engineered Solutions” to whatever industry our customers are in.

What solutions will you now be able to offer your clients by partnering with Breton USA?
The 5 Axis High Speed Machining Centers, and the 5 Axis Mill/Turn Solutions.

Interview with Clinton Wenzel, president at Clinton Wenzel Machine, LLC

Also, Roberto Colombo from Elliot Matsuura Canada Inc., was in attendance with the new attendees. Roberto, Vince D’Alession and Elliot Matsuura have been an agent of Breton USA for some time now. This company has been in operation for 70 years now and we are proud to have them on our team.
Going forward, we feel that the entire North American market is in very good hands and our team is very excited to continue addressing the needs of your fabrication shop.
Breton USA’s existing sales representatives gave the new sales network valuable insight and approaches to satisfying client’s needs with several different solutions. Ross Machinery Inc., and Elliott Matsuura's Canada Inc., were among Breton USA’s sales network already in place.
At Breton USA, we know that our customers come first, which is why we strive to be innovative and grow as a company to offer you second-to-none solutions that will propel your business, no matter the size of it. In order to do so and keep up in this fast pace industry, our sales team at Breton decided to put together a Machine Tools Sales Agent Seminar.
In all, this seminar gave the agents the knowledge and confidence needed for them to succeed and be efficient in their work. Breton USA looks forward to bringing our agents to your business to generate and secure new and existing relationships.
new reaches
As our dealer network expands, so does Breton’s product line for your business needs. Recently, the Matrix series of high-speed milling machines underwent a new facelift. During the two-day event, the Matrix was a major talking point.

Originally intended for mould and die manufacturers, the Matrix family of CNC machines has recently undergone innovative advancements. Make no mistake about it, just like every other CNC machine manufactured by Breton, the Matrix knows no limits. Thanks to its recent facelift, it is now heavily sought after in the aerospace, automotive, mould, die, and prototype industries.

The Matrix 1000 has been completely redesigned to match current market demands and changes, as Breton is always in front of the industry curve. It now boasts many new features to meet the requirements of other markets.

Breton’s team of engineers kept previous components of the Matrix that did not need to change, simplified it where possible, ensured the interchangeability of accessories to fit market needs, and made the machine more modular.

Among the new features that Breton implemented is the right-angle head, particularly appreciated by mould and die makers. This industry required the most changes, so Breton created a new CNC milling head for faster performances to match their demands. In fact, compared to a fork-type milling head, it can machine closer to the workpiece with shorter tools, and access points previously inaccessible by a forked head. The new head has many distinct features, such as direct drive, safety brakes and encoders, and a case that resists bending and twisting as much as the forked one can.

Since the forked head is ideal for other industries, it is still available to those machine shops that needs the utility it provides. However, the new right-angle head was designed for the mould and die makers that requested it. The Matrix 1000 comes with the Heidenhain iTNC 640 numerical control but can be replaced with a Siemens 840D SL upon request. The Matrix’s modularity makes it suitable for different industries and can meet the needs of your business too.

We do not think there is anyone better than the end user to say what a specific industry market requires. Breton re-engineered the Matrix 1000 with a bottom-up approach where the market guides new model development.
The new Matrix 1000 was guided by the requests of the mould and die industry. This industry wanted a machine whose axis movement was based around the largest workpiece that they generally machine, such as car bumpers or dashboards.
Mould and die manufacturers also demanded more robust tool tapers, both to support the increased removal capacity of the machine, and to improve the operating conditions of the tools, as they are subjected to less vibration. For this reason, we provide both the traditional HSK63 taper and the HSK100 version.
There was another direct request from users, “it must cost less and produce more.” Though this feat is difficult to achieve, it was not completely impossible: it costs less than the previous version, while achieving better accuracy, performance and productivity.
Breton is built on innovation and continues to grow by listening to its clients. The 5-axis Matrix 1000 was re-engineered with our clients and consumers in mind. Breton wants you to have a CNC machining center that makes your business more efficient and profitable. Therefore, our team of engineers redesigned the machine to achieve these results.
Servicing you better
With an expanding dealer network and product range, Breton USA now offers the North American market something greater.

As of April 2019, we now have a dedicated West Coast service point, based out of Southern California that is open until 10:00pm E.T. Unifying the sales and service experience is what makes us Breton USA. By listening to the needs of our customers, this vision is now a reality.

Our CNC technicians are responsible for servicing all Breton CNC machines in North America. From installation, training, repairs and routine maintenance, Breton USA can easily be found throughout the continent keeping your machines running smoothly.

Aside from our two U.S.-based facilities, being Detroit, Michigan and Sarasota, Florida Breton USA also has 5 other dedicated service points.

Besides our CNC technicians in the field, Breton USA has another way to service your CNC machine. We offer a FREE 24-hour remote hotline service that gives our in-office CNC technicians the ability to remotely diagnose issues with your CNC machines.

Once the CNC operator and Breton USA technician are connected, we can walk the client through their issues and instruct them on how to fix their Breton machine. Breton USA is proud to say that this free service fixes and has a success rate of over 90% of the phone calls that come in.

In our United States facilities, we collectively hold six million dollars’ worth of spare parts ready to be shipped to fabrication shops at their disposal. Our stock of Breton spare parts ensures that in the unlikely event your CNC machine goes down, Breton USA can get spare parts to your CNC machine shop as soon as you need them.

With the addition of Breton USA’s West Coast Service point in California, we can now address the needs of our clients faster than ever. Also, clients in California will now be able to access our free remote hotline service with extended hours since this service point is located within the Pacific Time Zone, as compared to Florida on the East coast.

This is just another step taken as we continually strive to offer the best customer service for our clients.
Dynamic CNC Machines

It’s a high-performance multipurpose vertical CNC machining center that contours, mills, drills, and trims composites, resins, plastics, light alloys, moulds, dies, models and sandwich materials. This machine is engineered for machining small to large size workpieces. The proven efficiency of this machine extends well beyond the prestigious aerospace and automotive industries for customized performances. The mobile gantry design, Metalquartz® structure, and integrated customizable technical solutions makes this CNC machine an industry leader. It will take your fabrication shop to the next level, making it nothing less than efficient and highly productive. Simply put, the Eagle is the Perfect Solution for CNC companies who utilize CNC equipment for machining operations.

This beast is an interpolated 5-axis high-performance vertical metal machining center. It is available in three different sizes and configurations to best meet all your application needs, ranging from tenacious super alloys, to the most complex composite materials. The three versions have maximum working diameters of 900mm, 1,200mm and 1,400mm. They are specifically engineered for machining toothed wheels, impellers, blisks, engine parts, moulds, tools, equipment, alloy wheels and much more. The aerospace, automotive, energy, tool manufacturing and mechanical industries all rely on this machine. It also performs exceptionally well with models and moulds since it can mill ANY material. This CNC machining center tackles difficult and complex jobs that ordinary machines cannot handle.

The Ultrix 1200 is a 5-axis, gantry structure machining center with a rotary tilting and turning table built to execute precision machining at faster speeds. This CNC machine is used for milling small to large size workpieces, ranging from composites to super alloys. The series configures to three main round table platforms, being 29, 32, and 47 inches in diameter, but the Ultrix 1200 is equipped with the latter. They tailor to various types of operations, such as gears, impellers, blisks, moulds, dies, tools, aerospace projects and automotive parts. These purposeful workspace configurations allow the Ultrix to contribute to the success of the defense, transportation, and power generation industries. This CNC machine is very simple and easy to use. It was designed to enhance CNC programming in machine shops across the globe. 

The Flymill is an interpolated 5-axis high-performance machining center engineered for milling complex three-dimensional work pieces. It is available in four different models. The main differences are their vertical and horizontal travels, being 98.4, 137.8 and 157.4 inches. Although the longitudinal travels span anywhere from 78.7 to 315 inches and over. This high-performance precision machining center is ideal for milling medium to very large pieces of steel, moulds, aluminum, composites, resins, and light alloys to superalloys. Optimal travel speeds and spindle capabilities make the Flymill the perfect choice for high-speed machining operations for complex workpieces. Machine operation and programming is simple and user friendly. It can also machine complex undercuts extremely well because axis A can rotate 120° without having to reposition the workpiece.

High-speed, multipurpose vertical machining center available in 6, 7 or 8 axes for the aerospace, marine, prototype, models and mould industries of medium to large sized work pieces. With continuous axis movement, the Maxima will machine superalloys such as Titanium and Inconel, steel, aluminum and other composite materials. 
It is the perfect solution for vertical turning, milling, boring, grinding and tapping workpieces with complex 3-D components used in the aeronautical, energy and precision engineering sectors. During milling operations, the entire work area is exploited for maximum accuracy and production. This machine alone transforms raw materials into finished products while minimizing time spent reposition workpieces

The Raptor’s linear axis can reach up to 80m/min, while the rotary tilting head’s ± 200° rotation of axis C and 0° to +115° rotation of axis A offers CNC operators the opportunity to machine complex profiles by ensuring maximum precision and dynamics when milling undercuts. The twist head can be positioned at any angle to fit a 20kW spindle that has rotational speeds of 28,000 rpm, giving it the highest milling performances when machining composites and resins that are particularly dedicated to the aeronautical industry
. Its strength makes it possible to machine versatile parts at the fastest speeds possible with optimal chip removal capacity. The enclosed structure and kinematics placed in the Raptor creates exceptional performances, all while protecting the CNC operator. It is the perfect solution for heavy-duty production requirements because of its structural rigidness.
Breton in the U.S.
Come learn more about Breton’s CNC machines during Amerimold 2019 on June 12th and 13th at booth 528. Our salesmen, engineers, and technicians will be there ready to assist you with all your needs. We will also be attending the Canadian Machine Tools show from September 30 to October 3.
We would love to have you at our booth and answer any questions you may have about Breton’s cnc machines!
If you would like to speak with us before the event, please contact us today at (941) 960-8753 or


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