Breton is Exhibiting at Marmomac: Hall 4, A6-C8

Bridge Saws
September, 4/2019
Breton at Marmomac in Hall 4: Stand A6-C8
Breton is exhibiting at Marmomac in Hall 4: Stand A6-C8. Marmomac, the 54th international natural stone, technology, and design exhibition. It is widely considered the largest show of its kind in the world, with visitors from over 150 countries worldwide, scheduled at Veronafiere, September 25-28. 

“Marmomac is now the landmark meeting platform for international natural stone system professionals, where Italy plays a leading role," said Maurizio Danese, President of Veronafiere. The international show in Verona is only an hour away from the massive Breton factory, and central headquarters, in the province of Treviso.

On display at the Breton stand A6-C8 includes the New Luxmaster-KG5000 Tango, monoblock bridge saws, CNC routers with automated anthropomorphic robotic loading and unloading systems, automated net gluing systems, resin drones, combination saw jets, new Breton resin plants, sample production lines, and more.
Rounding out the exhibition is the Quartz gallery. Breton is attributed with the invention of engineered stone due to their patented Vibro Compression technology. Synonymous with innovation and credited with hundreds of patents, Breton boasts a Research and Development team comprised of nearly 400 chemists and engineers. This further supports the Breton ethos of innovation. 

Like Breton’s infinite push towards preparing fabricators for industry 4.0, “Marmomac 2019 is even more digital, in a context of supporting business as well as continual expansion.” - Marmomac Press Release, 31 May 2019. 

Breton’s industry-leading software continues to pave the way for industry 4.0 with Breton DIGIHUB among other niche programs, like Xpress Top, and Vein Match designed to seamlessly advance the capabilities of Breton CNC machinery.

“If you guys could have seen what Breton is doing for the future at the Verona Show... Years ahead of the rest... If people have not heard of Industry 4.0, then read up. Breton is top of the curve.” - Nick Teefy, owner, Counter Reactions.
The Combicut DJ/NC 500
Around 15 years ago, Breton introduced the world’s first ever 5-axis combination bridge saw, and waterjet to the stone industry. To this day, the Combicut is recognized as an industry leader for accuracy, ease-of-use, efficiency, ergonomics, optimizing production, and safety. Renowned for its precision and durability, the interpolated 5-axis saw jet has a rotating head for executing complex rectilinear, curvilinear, and inclined cuts.
The Genya 600
The Genya 600 is ideal for compact shops. The gantry-style monoblock bridge saw is an interpolated 5-axis cutting and milling center with a rotating head and suction system for manipulating slabs and optimizing cuts. Genya 600 is the perfect entry-level bridge saw for fabrication shops looking to transition into CNC equipment and digital fabrication. Simply secured to the floor without foundations, the Genya 600 is delivered production ready.
The ContourBreton NC300 EVO With Automated Loading
The NC300 EVO is a CNC router used to profile, polish, mill, drill and cut countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. The NC300 withstands heavy throughput while improving accuracy, durability, efficiency, and optimization. Displayed with the anthropomorphic arm designed for automated loading and unloading, this version expedites machining for high capacity fabrication shops looking to maximize output.
New Luxmaster-KG5000 Tango
This 18-spindle oscillating polishing machine resolves polishing shadows along the edges of slabs. The ingenious oscillating spindle movement, modular and configurable, increases the homogeneity of the "smooth" or "mirror polished" finish, meeting the demands of an increasingly demanding market. Increased transmission pulleys with asynchronous belts ensure the right amount of power to maximize performance.
Resin Drone
A multi-axis robot for granite and marble slabs automates resin spreading and distribution. Breton’s Resin Drone leads in precision and quickness, following the predetermined resin distribution paths within the slab perimeter with a cycle for redistributing the resin in excess sitting on the edges. It stands out for its mechanical ease and user-friendly software programming, which eliminates the need for operator intervention.
Advanced loading/unloading robot whose main feature is its pick-up system with auto-configuration capabilities, without operator intervention. All axes are powered by brushless drives and low-friction kinematics, such as ball-bearing guides, high-precision swivel rings, and rolling elements. The new Jot machine is silent, accurate and energy-efficient.
Revolutionary marble and granite reconditioning technique that creates a stronger, deeper penetration of resin that extends below the surface into cracks and cavities that traditional methods can’t reach. In the Hyperock process, the interstices and surface cavities "attract the resin" and represent an empty "reservoir" which, due to its physical characteristics, is automatically filled with resin until saturation of available space. Known as “vacuum impregnation” the Hyperock process is new, fully automated and environmentally friendly. 
With over 8 locations around the world and another 6 service locations in North America, Breton established itself as an international leader in service. Supported by over 350 highly trained technicians who operate a 24-hour hotline and perform remote diagnostics for Breton fabricators all over the globe.
“Being the size of a company like Breton allows us to go above and beyond, we always have a technician ready for you. Not many other manufacturers in the world are equipped to provide this kind of service.” – President, Breton USA, Gianrico Filippetto
Similarly, "Internationality is one of Marmomac's development assets," said Giovanni Mantovani, CEO of Veronafiere. “Starting from the event in Verona, we have since created a global community linked with natural stone products that today boasts roots in the United States with Stone Expo.” 
North American Focused
Breton’s North American division, Breton USA, was awarded the 2019 “Best of Innovation” by StoneExpo, in collaboration with Stone World Magazine.  Breton was recognized for Miterwave, the software/ hardware package that allows all mitering, including inside corners to be executed on one machine, the Combicut. 

Miterwave technology will be on display at Marmomac and is featured in the most recent issue of Stone Update Magazine for its ability to excel, where other mitering methods fail, specifically on the most difficult surfaces to miter, like non-planar surfaces, ceramic, and very thin materials.  

The United States and Canada are well represented at the Breton booth by direct sales representatives: Egon Hinss, John Fallon, Jim Bolduc, and Kav Houshmand. 

For those interested in visiting the Breton factory, we encourage you to book an appointment following Marmomac to receive a personalized tour of our state of the art production facility and to discuss your projects and challenges.  Please contact +1(941) 360-2700 ext. 5 to arrange a visit.


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