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May, 28/2020
Breton announces the Smart Pack Genya : The package that includes Breton Vein Matching, Breton Smart Doc, and Breton Video Training, with a purchase of the Genya bridge saw. 

From today until December 31st, 2020, The monoblock 5-axis bridge saw will be accompanied by a package that is built to support fabrication shops through their every-day operations, by assisting in the complex process of vein matching, storing technical documents to be accessed at any time and place, and providing video tutorials for stone cutting processes. 
Breton Vein Matching
Breton Vein Matching is the user-friendly software that effectively manages up to 8 plates to create the vein matching effect desired. It converts 2D projects to 3D images, giving operators a clear idea on the finished product's look. 
Breton Smart Doc
Breton Smart Doc is the platform compatible with all Breton systems, created to safely store any technical documents, even confidential, to be accessed at any time and place.
Breton Video Training
Breton Smart Pack includes video tutorials to help with fabrication operations. This software stores videos that can be accessed at any point, assisting with remote training and machine education.
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The Breton Genya Smart Pack offer is available until December 31st, 2020. Don't let this opportunity pass by! 

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