Client Spotlight: The Bugatti Chiron's Tail Light

June, 17/2020
Manufacturer of the component of one of the fastest cars in the world, the Bugatti Chiron's tail light, Composites Aragón specializes in the designing and manufacturing of composite materials. 
Composites Aragón are experts in their field, with extensive background and experience in engineering softwares, plastic transformation processes, and the designing and production of molds. Due to their skills, the company was selected by Bugatti in 2017 to produce and supply the tail light of the powerful Bugatti Chiron, considered to be a masterfully engineered vehicle designed with quality components. 
Before 2017, Composites Aragón operated machines that although equipped with heavy-structures, did not provide them with the precision required by Bugatti’s standards. When looking for a solution that would guarantee a rigid structure, fast machine processes, and accuracy,
Composites Aragón chose the Breton Raptor 1200.
Raptor 1200 Machining Center
The Raptor 1200 was designed to provide accurate results while making the machine safely accessible. The Raptor is equipped with a gantry beam that makes for quick and safe loading and unloading of pieces, as well as a table installed directly on the ground for efficient chip evacuation. Tooling set-up is easy with fast performance to guarantee efficient milling operations. 
This machine can be simply turned on and left running as its automatic orientation cycle works on the materials. The Raptor’s A and C axes are equipped with powerful brakes that will block the rotating axes at any point if necessary, without affecting the precision of the work. 
By adding a tool-turbine, the Breton Raptor was able to funnel the residue chips of aluminium into the belts to be able to maintain a clean working area. 
The Breton Raptor is the perfect machine with fast, accurate, and safe solutions.
Bugatti Chiron’s Tail Light
In just 29.5 hours of fully automated cycle, a 197 kg block was manufactured into the tail light frame of the Bugatti Chiron, 1.629x241x67 mm and 1.5 kg in weight. The Breton Raptor was engineered to perform the most efficient milling, roughing, and polishing operations, place the piece in the machine and let it run to do the work. The Raptor’s milling achieved the accuracy Bugatti was looking for, and its polishing gave the piece a classy, glossy finish. 


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