10 Reasons To Choose Combi

July, 31/2020
10 best features that make up the Breton Combithe 5-axis monoblock sawjet stone cutting machine that combines saw and waterjet to perform a wide range of slab processing.
Advanced Sawjet Technology
breton sawjet cutting machine
Blade and waterjet are equipped on the same axle, optimizing the cutting sequence and allowing the machine to automatically save more material and increase efficiency using waterjet when it is expressly requested by the kind of the cut.
Automatic Vacuum System
vacuum suction cup cutting machine
Breton’s optima vacuum suction cup system reduces waterjet usage through fast slab nesting.
Quick Installation, Minimum Space Requirement
monoblock bridge saw machine
Quick installation, the monoblock offers new found flexibility of location, in addition to a stronger frame as a result of being machined from one single piece.
Smart Cutting Process
stone cutting machine software
Breton Touch, the onboard software, utilizes automatic nesting to optimize the project within the working area.
Achieve Perfect Miters
miter cut cutting machine
Miterwave is the hardware/software package that scans the material in place of a traditional touch probe, minimizing any possible deflection, for the most accurate 45° angle.
Slab Protection System
sensor control stone cutting machine
Sensor controls the flow of garnet while performing waterjet cutting, preventing any possible damage to the material.
Easy, Fast, and Safe Tilting Table
tilting table stone cutting machine
Tilting table allows for easy, quick, and safe slab loading.
Automatic Slab Photo Capturing
slab picture stone cutting machine
Fixed camera captures the whole slab, determining the working area dimensions  with a single snapshot.
Available Even In Low Ceiling Spaces
low ceiling stone cutting machine
The high pressure whip travels inside the cable carrier, containing the machine’s overall dimensions. The fixed camera is equipped with a wide angle lens to compensate for low ceilings. 
Automatic Labeling System
slab labeling system stone cutting machine
Label Pro is the labeling system integrated within the machine, performing automated labeling of pieces with barcodes or QR codes, enabling efficient tracking.


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