Reno Machine Co.

“Our customer had a Breton Flymill and they were doing large rotor blades. We saw their machine and liked it. Working with Breton USA has been a painless process…Very attentive, very responsive and if you ask a questions, you get an answer immediately. Here at Reno Machine, we have a Breton Eagle 1500. We have other five axis equipment, but this is the latest generation where you are taking lighter cuts quicker with higher material removal. We’re very happy with the Breton Eagle!”

- Mark Occhialini, Owner of Reno Machine Co.
- Source: Reno Machine Co. - Newington, CT

Applied Aerospace Structures Corp.

“Our Breton Raptor is our most accurate five-axis router because it is built solid from the ground up, and we are capable of holding much tighter tolerances because of that. One of the concerns we had when we were considering Breton, was the number of machines that were available on the west coast, and the accessibility of service and plants. After speaking with many people, we decided this wouldn’t be an issue. The machines that they produce are of high quality, great design, and significant engineering. We have been very pleased with it!”

- Chris Hansen, Plant Engineering Manager at Applied Aerospace Structures Corp.
- Source: Applied Aerospace Structures Corp. - Stockton, CA