Mario & Son

"Reputation brought us to Breton. Build quality and service sold us on the company. Three benefits we've experienced as a result in buying Breton machinery are reliability, easy of use, and innovation"
- Joey Marcella, Owner
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Las Vegas Rock Breton USA

Las Vegas Rock

“The Paragon multi-wire saw has revolutionized our process. The saw cuts so quickly and accurately. It has ultimately reduced our waste and increased our accuracy and production volume. On a single shift we can produce about 400,000 sf of slabs with 99% of the material coming off being good usable material. The equipment is extremely reliable and built very well. You can tell that a lot of engineering and thought went into the design, and execution of the breton machinery. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a Breton multi-wire saw.”
- Jeremy Adams, Las Vegas Rock's VP of Operations
-Source: Las Vegas Rock - Jean, NV
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bridge saws

Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile

“The product is a huge help especially in working with products with lots of veining. We are doing more complicated custom work now with the software and machine. Jobs that used to take 1 hour are done now in 15 minutes. The (Vein Match) software helps with a lot of the speed of layout, speed of cutting, confidence in our job and what we will deliver to the client. Ease of mind that everything is figured out ahead of time and the client agreed. There was lots of interest from our staff and within a couple of days they could do the basics and within a week or two they were fluent with the software. I would recommend that others get the software because it makes the work faster, easier, and more accurate.”

-Frank Lesher, Owner of Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile
-Source: Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile - Middletown, PA
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Maxstone Marble & Granite

"After Purchasing the COUNTOURBRETON NC300, it quickly started sinking in that I had just spent more money on one piece of equipment than on any other aspect of my business. With this realization, it dawned on me that I would soon need to figure out how to set up this technologically cutting-edge machine. All I knew was old-school, manually operated machinery."
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Granex Industries, Inc.

“My main needs were the quality of the machines and the history of the machines, and we checked all those things. Then the main thing that attracted me to go with Breton was the after sales service in the USA… Whenever we call the service department at Breton USA, they answer immediately.”

- Raj Emandi, Owner of Granex Industries, Inc.
- Source: Granex Industries, Inc. - Tampa, FL

Valley Tile & Stone Inc.

“The machine knows how to do a lot of things that we haven’t even figured out yet, but every day we are growing and learning how to be better at the job we already do and that is because of our Breton equipment.”

- Chris Barber, Owner of Valley Tile & Stone Inc.
- Source: Valley Tile & Stone Inc. - Paso Robles, CA

Reno Machine Co.

“Our customer had a Breton Flymill and they were doing large rotor blades. We saw their machine and liked it. Working with Breton USA has been a painless process…Very attentive, very responsive and if you ask a questions, you get an answer immediately. Here at Reno Machine, we have a Breton Eagle 1500. We have other five axis equipment, but this is the latest generation where you are taking lighter cuts quicker with higher material removal. We’re very happy with the Breton Eagle!”

- Mark Occhialini, Owner of Reno Machine Co.
- Source: Reno Machine Co. - Newington, CT

Applied Aerospace Structures Corp.

“Our Breton Raptor is our most accurate five-axis router because it is built solid from the ground up, and we are capable of holding much tighter tolerances because of that. One of the concerns we had when we were considering Breton, was the number of machines that were available on the west coast, and the accessibility of service and plants. After speaking with many people, we decided this wouldn’t be an issue. The machines that they produce are of high quality, great design, and significant engineering. We have been very pleased with it!”

- Chris Hansen, Plant Engineering Manager at Applied Aerospace Structures Corp.
- Source: Applied Aerospace Structures Corp. - Stockton, CA

Euro Marble Supply LTD

“We really like the Breton Worthy, it’s an excellent machine. Really fast, really reliable, precise, and constantly used. Absolutely dictating speed of the fabrication! The Breton NC300, the most favorable machine right now in the shop. Very easy to program, especially the Zero Radius Corner feature. Amazing tool, cut labor by 70%. Their machines allowed us to cut double amount of materials in a shorter time.”

- Wojtek Rajch, Owner of Euro Marble Supply LTD
- Source: Euro Marble Supply LTD - Schiller Park, IL

Italbec International

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr. Travis Farley on many occasions and I can attest that Travis is one of the best agents I’ve ever worked with. Whether in person or on the phone, he has gotten us out of a jam many times. His knowledge of all the shop processes, his practical training sessions & maintenance programs , have definitely made us a more efficient and profitable shop.”

- Mike Testa, Director of Operations and Associate Partner at Italbec International
- Source: Official Breton USA Linkedin Page