Smart Cut S/NC 550 Optima

Smart Cut S/NC 550 Optima

Bridge Saw
This CNC bridge saw has five interpolated axes, a rotating head, fixed work bench, and is designed to perform multiple machining operations, which would otherwise require several machines. The Optima features an integrated suction cup system optimizing cutting by moving pieces around the worktable more efficiently. A CNC machinist can now cut slabs, shape and dish out small blocks, engrave inscriptions, drill with both a diamond blade and the stone tool. 

TS Stone chose this Smartcut because they wanted “an Italian built machine with American service.” 

"A job with all miters that before would take us most of a day, if not longer, is now cut in an hour, and it is precise.” His team also “cut an engineered slab up in 14 minutes.” 
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