Raptor: Versatility Made Easy

CNC Machining
August, 29/2018
IMTS 2018, September 10 - 15
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McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago, Illinois
milling, trimming, routing, drilling, edging and boring?

CNC Milling
An enclosed structure and drive assembly is mounted to the top of the machine guaranteeing the CNC operator maximum safety while precision machining with the most performance and reliability. Its strength makes it possible to machine versatile parts at the fastest speeds possible with optimal chip removal capacity. The enclosed structure and kinematics placed in the Raptor creates exceptional performances, all while protecting the CNC operator. It is the perfect solution for heavy-duty production requirements because of its structural rigidness. This means high-speed machining combined with greater milling power is now easily accessible. These critical features are further enhanced by its fast-linear axis.
Flexible Power
CNC Milling Composite
The Raptor 1200’s linear axis can reach up to 80m/min while the rotary tilting head’s ± 200° rotation of axis C and 0° to +115° rotation of axis A offers CNC operators the opportunity to machine complex profiles by ensuring maximum precision and dynamics when milling undercuts. The twist head can be positioned at any angle to fit a 20kW spindle that has rotational speeds of 28,000 rpm, giving it the highest milling performances when machining composites and resins that are particularly dedicated to the aeronautical industry. 
5-axis cnc machine manufacturer
This vertical machining center offers greater linear axis travels on X, Y and Z at 150, 110 and 47 inches respectively. These travels make the machine more than capable of defeating the toughest milling obstacles facing your fabrication shop. The linear axis offers guaranteed head and spindle positioning with a ± 0.015 mm/m tolerance margin and repositioning precision tolerance of ± 0.007 mm/m.
However, the Raptor’s rotary axis offers precision positioning with a ± 0.025” tolerance margin and repositioning precision tolerance of ± 0.017”. The direct drive bi-rotary head can be positioned at any angle within its operating range, allowing a spindle with 20kW of power and 14,500 rpm to be utilized, giving the machine considerably more chip removal capacity. This precision allows the Raptor to excel at processing composites and resins, primarily used by aeronautical machinists.

If you would like to learn more about this machine, please call us at (941) 960-8753 or by emailing MachineSales@BretonUSA.com. However, if you're attending IMTS 2018 from September 10 - 15, be sure to stop by BOOTH 339186 to speak with our salesmen and engineers about the benefits of this machine.



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