10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in a Combination WaterJet & Bridge Saw

miterwave - combi - waterjet - miters - sawjet - bridge saw
miterwave - combi - waterjet - miters - sawjet - bridge saw
miterwave - combi - waterjet - miters - sawjet - bridge saw
September, 21/2020
With an overwhelming amount of stone cutting machine options, and new innovations and advancements every year, it's difficult to know when one is making the right investment.

To assist in this decision, Breton discusses the 
top 10 questions to ask when considering a combination sawjet.
gantry style or anthropomorphic arm sawjet?
Right now, there are a lot of options.  But the only one that matters is: What is best for you, your guys, your shopThere are gimmicks, and then there’s tried, tested, and true, and with machining it all comes down to stability. 

Having been around since 1963, Breton offers a guarantee that their machines are designed in a way to maximize strength and stability in order to produce the most accurate outcome possible. 

Breton delivers on this promise through two basic techniques: one, a gantry style machine that offers maximum rigidity when compared to an option with an anthropomorphic arm, two, through a monoblock structure.

A mono block means its one block, so the entire frame of the machine is entirely solid and machined of a singular piece of galvanized steel. 
So the question isn't gantry or anthropomorphic the question really comes down to: how important is stability and accuracy?
Miters are about more than just bringing a sophisticated clean and modern style to fabrication work. Miters mean wider margins, and the more adept the technology at miters, the wider those margins will be on every single project. 

When it comes to miters and ensuring efficiency, the Breton Combi includes key features that make it a head above the rest: 

Breton Combi is not just any combination machine, it is both extremely flexible and accurate as a direct result of their interpolated 5 axis waterjet - capable of reaching the most extreme cutting angles, executing complex curvilinear cuts, inside miters,  and other custom requests.

The sawjet is further empowered by a hardware/software package, called miterwave, specifically designed to compensate for the common errors most combination machines fall for.

Miterwave is not a contact sensor, it uses a laser to scan the topography of a material taking many points along the cut line.

The laser mechanism enables a significantly faster scan, reading many more points along the material, than traditional methods without ever touching, or flexing the slab in order to ensure the most accurate measurements. 

More points measured, allows the breton combi to actually correct itself during the cutting  process, guaranteeing perfect miters, and less time spent “fixing gaps.”  Not only is it more accurate, it is significantly faster, meaning more production, and faster cut cycles. 

What this all comes down to is being able to charge more, each project for better quality work, and being able to do it faster.
Are there any built in features in the sawjet that help save money?
A good combination machine helps save money in every cut. Some machines, like the Breton Combi, are built with this in mind in every single part.

The top two features that save on the Combi sawjet are one, Vacuum Cups. This is a brand new feature on this machine, and it is a huge time and cost saver, by eliminating the need to manually move pieces, both big and small, between cuts. This also maximizes material yields, by reducing unnecessary overcuts.

Secondly, Breton uses the kmt pump model that has the longest stroke length of any pump used in the stone industry - which means fewer strokes per minute. This extends the life of the seal, the check valve, and nearly every other component. This more efficient topwork reduces maintenance and operating costs.
This model of the KMT pump has both less downtime, and quicker repairs, because it relies on less components. 

Breton's principle in monoblock rings true again, using less, but higher quality components, is the better solution for longterm, and accurate machining. Less that can go wrong, less to replace, less moving and wearing.
How to load the stone cutting machine's table?
How to load the table is a technical aspect to consider when investing in a sawjet. The Breton Combi, along with several other machines, come with a tilting table to easily load and offload the machine. 

For businesses looking to supercharge production cycle, Breton offers customizable solutions to achieve any desired worktop exchange
, to load and unload one slab while the machine is working on another.

Another important feature is Breton's RUBBER table, made of a series of rubber slats that stabilize the material for better accuracy, as well as extend the life of the table compared to typical hard surfaces, due to the rubber gripping the steel slats underneath in order to protect the components. 
What kind of software can the sawjet operate?
Is the software on the combination waterjet and bridge saw easy to use? Will operators be able to get it quickly, when training time is limited? 

Breton develops its software to be as intuitive as possible. The top 3 software integrations on the Combi sawjet are:

One, Breton touch. This machine software makes programming fast and easy both directly with the touch screen control panel on the machine, or in the office on the desktop. Breton touch has a lot of automated features that simplify the programmer's life.  Automatic toolpathing, slab optimization, and even running simulations in order to catch problems before they arise.

Two, Vein matching. This software allows to easily, accurately, and quickly veinmatch slabs in simple steps

Three XpressTop, the package created to manage the entire kitchen top production cycle, from quotation to production. It has a full CRM to help, quote and design all fabrication projects in one place. 

What makes these software so easy to operate is the camera above the machine that captures the entire slab in one shot, without any warping.

The slab image is able to be brought up onto the control panel where the operator can mark any surface imperfections with the touch of a finger, and the software will automatically apply the best cutting schemes to optimize each slab.
How to keep track of projects with this new addition to the workflow?
There are a number of mechanisms that can save time in the fabrication process that Breton offers, inlcuding Label Pro, the new feature on the Breton Combi. 

Label Pro allows each piece to be labelled directly on the machine with either a QR code or Barcode before cutting, about 4 seconds each. Those are 4 seconds that save time and money, hundreds of times a day without any mistakes.  

Often pieces are close in size and the operator can label the wrong piece, Label Pro eliminates the human error component entirely.

Label Pro really is more than just a feature, because it interacts within the entire Breton ecosystem, it enables communication between the sawjet machine, the slabs, digital inventory, and integrating with veinmatching and all of the other softwares just touched on. 

It's details like these that elevate any shop into a truly automated, and well oiled machine, that can give the competitive edge needed in years to come.
Will this sawjet machine grow with the business?
This one can be overlooked a lot in small businesses, it is easy to only think about the next few years sometimes and lose sight of the bigger picture. But when investing, it's important to see the next 20 years down the road.

When picking a supplier, consider one that has the ability to innovate alongside you, that is able to provide add ons and new accessories as the business is ready for them.

There is no other supplier in the stone industry 
other than Breton with over 150 engineers and software developers on staff to meet this need, not to mention the over 350 registered patents to prove it.
Will the cutting machine fit in the shop?
Although this question may seem silly and obvious, it is true, will this new sawjet investment fit in the fabrication shop? 

Breton permits a series of customizations that can make sure the answer to this question is YES. 

From compact machines like the Genya bridge saw, to low ceiling packages to accommodate a Combi sawjet in any ceiling height, or add-ons like Breton's worktop exchange that can maximize the production value of each square foot.

Even when it seems there is no room, give Breton a call. Breton will work to find a solution that will both fit and increase the production value per square foot in the shop, even an unexpected solution.
Is the sawjet safe?
One of the things that make the stone industry special, is that this is a family dominated industry. When many fabricators hope to give their business to their kids, the safest option is needed. If kids are in the shop, this question cannot be overlooked.

Breton, who is also a family business, makes safety a priority on all of their machines. Breton knows this can be a dangerous industry, that is why every single machine is totally enclosed by barriers above head height to protect anyone in the shop from potential shrapnel. 

Besides, who wants osha fines cutting into their margins!
How available are service and spare parts for this sawjet machine?
Before investing in a combination waterjet and bridge saw, find out if the supplier has technicians on american soil, and what kind of phone service is available.

Something clients say a lot is "the best part of Breton is Italian engineering, with USA service".

Breton has 6 service points here in North America. The US headquarters has 30 american employees in Sarasota, Florida, as well as a service point in Los Angeles, California for clients in pacific time, a service point out of Detroit, Michigan, and another three in Canada. 

Breton USA regularly maintains over 6 million dollars in spare parts right here in the United states.

The real benefit of working with a global company - is beyond the USA service, Breton's hotline is able to leverage a global network of technicians from around the world to offer fabricators 24 hours of efficient remote diagnostics and hotline service. 

Speak to Breton technician even after 10 pm!

Over 90% of cases are up and running totally for free through this hotline, thanks to remote diagnostic technology.
Before Investing in a Sawjet: Recap
To recap, these questions are built to help uncover five core points:

1. How will this investment widen business margins in practical terms? Is it going to be able to consistently perform higher quality work faster than anyone else in the area? 
2. How will it improve the oveall workflow efficiency?
3. Will it grow with the business? 
4. Will it fit with the shop? 
Will suppliers have service and parts, both where and when really needed? 

Contact Breton to discuss unique needs and determine the best solution for your business. 



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