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Check out what Central Florida’s 16th top woman-owned company has to say about their new Contourbreton NC300 K26.
NSMotif - Client Spotlight
Breton USA recently interviewed one of its newest clients, Karen Roe, owner of NSMotif, located in Sanford, Florida. Roe founded NSMotif in 2008, going strong on their 10th anniversary this year. In this short, yet highly productive decade, she has very quickly led her company to become an industry leader. The Orlando Business Journal recognized NSMotif as the 33rd fastest growing business, the 16th ranked woman-owned company, and 28th largest specialty contractor in the region. They are also in the running for the International Surface Fabricator Association’s 2018 Fabricator of the Year Award, so stay tuned…

However, Roe’s success certainly comes as no surprise to us. She keeps increasing her presence in the industry by continually diversifying NSMotif’s product line, and constantly evaluating full construction methods and remodeling services for clients. Her company is also only one of two fabricators in the Central Florida area to be accredited by the Natural Stone Institute. She is a certified stone consultant, inspector and CEU provider with the National Kitchen & Bath Association, Natural Stone Institute, and International Surface Fabricators Association. NSMotif services the Greater Orlando, Florida area, employing nearly 40 people.

“We process 5,000 square feet per week, about 75 kitchens on average,” says Roe. With NSMotif’s weekly output, it was important that they could find a CNC machine to withstand their fabrication requirements. They also create “Bathrooms, summer kitchens, commercial projects, and hospitality projects, including guest rooms and common areas.” NSMotif’s clients keep them busy with all things interior and exterior design related, using natural and engineered stone.

Roe works with “large companies like The Walt Disney Group and wonderful custom home builders, such as the Phil Kean Design Group.” Though NSMotif has gained major attention in the national spotlight, they remain equally committed to fabricating your dream kitchen.

From their exceptional customer service, expansive product offering, competitive project turnaround times, and online kitchen visualizer, NSMotif is your “All Surface Countertop Specialist.” It is evident how they earned their reputation as a trusted countertop provider for residential and commercial design projects, ranging from granite, quartz, marble and more.

“If you are not sure what material is right for you, our team is here to answer questions and assist you in choosing the perfect product to meet your needs, style and budget.” NSMotif’s goal is to make each customer feel confident and excited about their countertop selection. Breton USA is excited to support NSMotif’s vision by providing them industry-leading technology, so they can produce countertops more quickly, efficiently and safely.

Their brand new NC300 K26 is already contributing to the growth and success of NSMotif. Roe says, “It has definitely improved our quality and ability to provide our clients more upgrades.” This CNC machining center has several uses, features, and options that can benefit the most demanding clientele. Owning a NC300 K26 gives NSMotif an advantage over their competition that are not utilizing Breton technology.

“It is a learning process, but it certainly has improved the caliber and efficiency of our production in the short time we have had the machine.” We are eager to follow NSMotif and see how their new CNC machine will continue to contribute to the success of their company.

“It has made production faster with less quality control issues.” They are fabricating projects faster than ever, getting the job done right the first time, and are keeping their clients happy.

“With the new OSHA laws, everything must be wet. We are a fully wet shop.” Fortunately, the NC300 K26’s automated water system makes compliancy one step easier, and even takes more human labor out of the fabrication process.

“The machine is amazing and seems to be very reliable. We are excited to see what more it can do for us over time.” Roe’s experience with her new CNC machine is exactly what you can expect when doing business with Breton USA.  

The relationship built between NSMotif and Breton USA does not end at the increased production and efficiency of their new machine. As a trusted technology partner of NSMotif, we can bring them solutions for the future, as the machine is highly modular.

A long with efficient, fast, precise and safer operations gained by owning and operating this machine, there are also other benefits that come from partnering with Breton USA for your technology needs.

Breton USA’s “local support and service, and the team that trained us were patient and thorough.” To be a client of Breton USA signifies that you have chosen quality and excellence, not only with the machines, but also the services that come along with them.

If you are worried about the skillset required to operate a Breton CNC machine, do not fret, the Breton Service Package will be of great benefit to your CNC operators. NSMotif had only “one person with CNC experience.” The technical evolution in processing stone and the technology of the machines imposes formative training programs for CNC operators from Breton USA.

“It was excellent, the technicians were efficient, comprehensive and patient.” The elevated competence of our trainers is essential to ensure maximum effectiveness, quality of service, practical utilization of the machine and its features, including the maintenance module, with the objective to provide knowledge of the machine to optimize your fabrication shop’s productivity.

Any client of Breton USA can count on the best hands-on training from our team that will not leave until your CNC operators know how to operate their user-friendly machine to the fullest. Roe’s team’s positive training experience reflects our core values, centered around customer service.

Roe chose Breton USA over other CNC manufacturers because of our “great reputation in the industry, local parts and service, and the machine’s capabilities.” NSMotif can now bring new and innovative ways to create the best countertops for their customers.

Her concerns of dealing with an international company were quickly addressed by our salesmen. Though Breton’s factory is in Castello Di Godego, Italy, we have three warehouses in the United States holding spare parts for the entire product line we sell. We can get replacement and spare parts out to fabrication shops as quickly as needed, keeping you operational around the clock.

“When our customers learn that we have invested in a top-of-the-line machine from Breton USA to improve our product and service, they will know that they are getting the best of the best by working with us.” The relationship between Breton USA and NSMotif, or any client of ours, will always be strong as we continually work to improve the machines we offer the stone industry.

“The sales experience was very simple and thorough.” From researching and learning about the machine, interacting with our salesmen, purchasing the machine, installation and training, Roe’s experience with Breton USA can easily be replicated for anyone considering partnering with us for their industry-leading technology needs. There are no hoops to jump through when investing in the best.

Roe shared with us what she likes most about the industry. Her thoughts:

“We love seeing projects come to life and how excited our customers get about the impact surfacing has on their dream design.” Breton USA ties into this by “providing a superior product with the expertise in the industry over many of their other competitors. At the end of the day, the technology helps us produce products of the highest standards, being the ultimate goal for our customers.” We are very excited to work with NSMotif for many years to come.

The stone industry “is ever-evolving, technology is consistently changing, and we always have to stay involved and informed to continue to be the best.” She is on the right path by investing in technology that consistently gives end users a positive return on investment. With the success NSMotif is having, and the recognition Karen Roe has earned in a male-dominated industry in such a short amount of time, her testimonial of the NC300 K26 speaks volume to anyone considering this machine.

Great customer service by a trusted company like NSMotif and industry-leading technology from Breton USA makes for one powerful team. We are incredibly excited and proud to be a partner of NSMotif.

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