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August, 22/2018
IMTS 2018, September 10 -15
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All Around Package
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High-speed, multipurpose vertical machining center available in 6, 7 or 8 axes for the aerospace, marine, prototype, models and mould industries of medium to large sized work pieces. With continuous axis movement, the Maxima will machine superalloys such as Titanium and Inconel, steel, aluminum and other composite materials.

It is the perfect solution for vertical turning, milling, boring, grinding and tapping workpieces with complex 3-D components used in the aeronautical, energy and precision engineering sectors. During milling operations, the entire work area is exploited for maximum accuracy and production. This machine alone transforms raw materials into finished products while minimizing time spent reposition workpieces
Dynamic Performances
5-axis machine shop machining
This robust machine’s milling and turning tables are available in diameters as wide as 118 inches, an operational torque capable of up to 28,000Nm, and a 26,455-pound load capacity, making these 6-axis machining centers precise, powerful and dynamic. 

Its choice of configurations allows CNC operators to perform the most demanding and complex machining jobs with maximum flexibility, performance and efficiency with work ranges spanning from 94 x 98 x 47 inches and up to 394 x 138 x 78 inches. Linear axis speeds range up to 197 feet per minute with rotational table speeds reaching 500 rpm creating second-to-none results.
A Superior Head
5-axis cnc machine manufacturer
Our electrospindles always offer the highest machining performance thanks to their supportive cast-iron, forked structure heads. These heads are designed to ensure structural rigidity and efficient vibration damping during operations. The heads' totally symmetrical structure guarantees the best mechanical precision, even when environmental temperature varies. 
5-axis cnc machine manufacturer
Their travels come from a carriage and beam travel system on suitably dimensioned recirculating roller guides that ensures precision and stability. However, axis motion occurs through a system consisting of a ground, recirculating roller screw/preloaded nut assembly, and a double rack and pinion system with electronic backlash recovery powered digital drives with the latest generation of brushless servomotors.
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The 5-axis milling head with continuous axis C rotation and axis A rotation of 135° will mount spindles with a maximum torque output of 1300Nm and can be positioned at any angle. Once in position, it is locked in place by powerful hydraulic brakes. These important features further enhance the Maxima’s operational versatility and overall machine performance. Such special heads are available for internal and external turning operations.
​Fast, Dynamic and Precise Spindles
5-axis machine shop machining
The wide range of electrospindles enhances the Maxima’s capabilities to satisfy various production requirements across several industries and markets. Machining and precision finishing guarantee the best performances and accuracy from the spindles’ limited geometric tolerances, thermal stability, and specific software for compensating thermal expansion/drifts, which occur when machining and production conditions vary.
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M 1000/06 is a 100 kW electrospindle with continuous 1000Nm torque in S1, rotational speeds of 6000 rpm, and offers maximum machining performance and efficiency for intensive machining operations with steel and superalloys from rough milling to precision finishing operations.
5-axis cnc machine manufacturer
M 300/14 is a 75 kW electrospindle with continuous 300Nm torque in S1, rotational speeds of 14,000 rpm, and offers maximum machining performance and efficiency for rough milling and precision finishing operations of steel and aluminum. 
5-axis cnc machine manufacturer
M 51/28 is a 40 kW electrospindle with continuous 51Nm torque in S1, rotational speeds of 28,000 rpm, and offers maximum machining performance and efficiency for rough milling and precision finishing operations of steel and light alloys. 
​Solution for every Machine Shop
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With such a dynamic range of operational size and speeds some would think that it cannot get any better. Wrong.

There are many other ways to configure the Maxima for customized performances. We will tailor the Maxima to your milling requirements, size of the job shop, and the required throughput to satisfy the demands of your clientele. These solutions include a standard version with one work area, a version with two work areas for hunting machining, a version with double Ram, a version with double beam, and different solutions for automated pallet loading/unloading for either a single machine or “machining islands.”
5-axis cnc machine manufacturer
Incorporated in the Maxima machining centers is an automated head changeover system. The heads are backed with six interpolated axes making them highly flexible when performing milling, turning and vertical turning operations. The automated pallet loading/unloading system eliminates human labor, cuts down on transportation time, and creates a safer machine shop for CNC machinists.
The maxima machining centers offer easily accessible monitoring of machining operations thanks to front and rear access with clear views. A CNC operator will have an optimal machining experience with a clear view of the working area. This is made possible from the machine’s gantry structure and mobile bridge with wide frontal doors.
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Simple and reliable tool magazines is another feature that simplifies machining processes in fabrication shops. Once you decide what version of the Maxima you need, it can then be fitted with moving, fixed wheel and chain magazines for rapid tool exchange minimizing changeover time. The tool systems are installed outside of the working area to protect against dirt creating long-term reliability. They can also be provided with a system for automatic tool data coding and chip reading.
Dust Extraction
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The Maxima’s top bellows make it ideal for machining composite and resin-based materials. Not only do the bellows trap dust in the machine but it also completely encloses the machine, thus isolating the work area from the surrounding area. This 6-axis machining center can also be equipped with an efficient dust extraction system. It is installed on the nose of the spindle and automatically collects dust. Even more, different dust and fume extraction systems are available according to our customer’s specific requirements.
The Ideal Tool Cooling System
5-axis cnc machine manufacturer
Depending what sort of machining you are using the Maxima for, the tool cooling system can use either a coolant liquid flowing inside and outside the spindle at a maximum of 60 liters per minute, a fixed or variable internal feeding pressure of up to 70 bar, an incorporated spray mist system, or by simply using compressed air.

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