Hinss, Marmomac 2018

Natural Stone Machines
September, 25/2018
Verona, Italy
Full address:
Hall 4, A6-A8, B5-C5, C6-C8
Hinss' First Show as National Sales Manager
September 26 – 29 – Breton USA stone sales division will be in Verona, Italy for Marmomac 2018. Though this is not our first time attending the world’s largest exhibition for the stone industry, something is different this year. Egon Hinss will be representing Breton USA as National Sales Manager at the show. Upon his recent promotion, Egon now leads the Breton USA sales team, giving a fresh perspective to our sales approach.
Hinss says, “While remaining customer focused, we are excited to enter a new era of the sales department.” With Hinss being technologically savvy, he is a great match for helping Breton USA embrace Industry 4.0 at Marmomac.
“I am excited to enter this new phase of my career being the face of Breton for North America. Marmomac is the most prestigious show in the industry and I am thankful that my promotion coincides with this event. I look forward to meeting with new and existing customers at the show to discuss solutions for their challenges.” Breton USA cannot wait to see how Egon uses this platform at Marmomac to bring new ideas, prospective clients, strengthened relationships with existing clients.
John Fallon, a direct sales representative of Breton USA says this will be Egon’s “first big show as the leader of the sales team.” Thanks to the support of John, Graham Tait, and Monica Cotton, Egon will have the right team to make Marmomac a success.
Marmomac is the leading global event for the natural stone industry and represents the entire supply chain. Raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, fabricating machinery and technologies, and applications of stone in architecture and design all have a place here. This fundamental international industry meeting is an influential platform for business to meet professional updating with the newest methods, trends and standards that are set each year. The latest tactics for mining stone, fabrication and installation will all be discussed. There were 67,928 visitors from 147 different countries and 1,636 exhibitors from 56 different countries at last year’s show.
Breton is a worldwide leader in the production of machines for processing natural stone, metals and plants for composite stone. It is headquartered in Castello di Godego, in Veneto, Italy, but is active all over the world with more than 900 employees, 7 foreign branches and produces more than 235,000,000 million dollars in annual turnover. 
We offer the most complete range of equipment, machines and systems to carry out all industrial processing of marble, granite and ornamental stone in general: from multiwire cutting blocks, bridge saws, routers, to finishing machines and more. Breton satisfies every demand in the stone world, no matter the size of the project. Best of all, Breton’s headquarters is a short distance from the Marmomac convention hall. We are inviting nearly 100 fabricators to tour the Breton factory in just a few days.
Egon joined Breton USA in September 2014 as a direct sales representative. He has sold machines all over the nation, was promoted to Regional Sales Manager in September 2017, and has been just promoted again this September to National Sales Manager. His meteoric rise came quickly but certainly not as a surprise. Prior to joining Breton USA, Egon brought nearly a decade of experience from fabshop operations in the stone industry as well as capital equipment sales experience.
Having successfully spearheaded Breton USA’s development and growth in the central U.S. and Canada, Egon has proven to be an asset to the company. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in 2002.
“I believe that Egon deserves this new position more than anyone else,” says Graham Tait, Breton USA’s newest sales hire and going to Marmomac for his first time.
Hinss says, “The natural and compound stone industry in North America remains the strongest market in the world. Breton is positioned as the most capable partner for our customers.” Breton USA and Egon Hinss are ready to see you at Marmomac 2018.
Do not miss out on this great opportunity and book a meeting with him today! Please call (941) 960-8753 or email MachineSales@BretonUSA.com for more information.


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