GENYA with Belt Table

Bridge Saw
December, 3/2019
The enormous success of the breton genya
Bridge Saw
The GENYA bridge saw is equipped with a cutting spindle on a rotating head that is also equipped with workpiece vacuum cups in order to optimize the surface area to be cut.

The enormous success of the Breton Genya, a monobloc CNC bridge saw with a fixed worktable that’s exceptionally compact and easy to install, encouraged Breton to extend the series. The Breton Genya equipped with a belt table to be used in slab cutting lines is now on the market.
Bridge Saw
Breton Genya with belt table is the most productive and flexible solution, ideal for fabrication shops who specialize in both medium-large series production for the building trade and for single slab optimization procedures for the furniture sector.
No Basement
There is no basement, the machine is simply secured to the floor.
Software for any Situation
Bridge Saw
The machine’s software interface is easy to use and may be operated on different sophistication levels.
The “Fast and Easy” level allows the operator to rapidly and easily carry out all simple cutting operations using the color touchscreen.
Through the “Professional” level, the operator can program more complex cutting and shaping operations.

The control console is equipped with a joystick to easily move the several machining axes.
Everything you Need
Bridge Saw
- Automatic tilting saw blade between 0° to 90°.
- Inverter motor and spindle. 
- 1/2" gas connection for core drill attachment. 
- Through-spindle water. 
Bridge Saw
- Slab thickness probe for miter cuts with continuous automatic correction of the cutting measurements and saw blade diameter electronic control. 
- Pick-up unit with vacuum cups and optimization software with automatic nesting. 
- Vein matching software on demand. 


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