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October, 3/2018
StoneX Canada 2018
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Force of Experience
The NC300 EVO is a 4-axis CNC contouring machine used to profile, polish, mill, drill and cut countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. This CNC router comes in three different sizes to meet the demands of your fabrication shop. A CNC operator can use this machine in the fabrication process after a slab is cut to size, in order to prepare it for install. After a CNC machinist programs the fabricating pattern, it utilizes stone tools to finish the project. The NC300 can withstand heavy throughput while maximizing accuracy, durability, efficiency and optimization. Not to mention, there is a plethora of accessories and add-ons that make this CNC machine second-to-none. It is just one of Breton USA's range of CNC machines for stone fabricators

Don't believe us? It helps NSMotif process 5,000 square feet per week, about 75 kitchens on average.” 
NC300 K19 EVO:
Routing, profiling, contouring and polishing are just some of the ways this CNC machine can improve the productivity of your fabrication shop. Once the operations are over, the spindle returns the cups to the magazine. The NC 300 K19’s power comes from Siemens brushless motors on a gantry type structure for accuracy and precision.

Dimensions – 236.2 x 127.9 x 100.4
Work table – 126 x 74.8
X axes travel – 126in
Y axes travel – 76.8
Z axes travel at 0° – 11.8
24 tool capacity

NC300 K26 EVO 
This 4-axis CNC machining center has a large work bench, specially engineered to shape, contour, mill and drill granite, marble, engineered stone and similar materials. The powerful spindle has a closed-circuit liquid cooling system, three ceramic bearings with large diameters and produces high performances.

Dimensions – 236.8 x 155.5 x 100.4
Work table – 147.2 x 88.2
X axes travel – 149.6in
Y axes travel – 90.5
Z axes travel at 0° – 11.8
26 tool capacity

NC300 K40 EVO 
A 4-axis CNC machining center with a large work bench, specially engineered to shape, contour, mill and drill items of granite, marble, engineered stone and similar materials.

Dimensions – 236.8 x 216.5 x 100.4
Work table – 157.5 x 147.2
X axes travel – 149.6in
Y axes travel – 157.5
Z axes travel at 0° – 11.8
46 tool capacity

The DUAL works stone in the fastest, most precise and economical way today offered by technology, thanks to its peculiar characteristics and extensive travel of the axes (X=138in, Y=87in, Z=10in). The support structure of this CNC router is a robust welded, normalized steel single-piece chassis ensuring the rigidity required to consistently obtain desired precision, even during heavy machining stress.
Nonetheless, these CNC routers are heavy-duty contouring machines equipped for power, speed, ease of use and advanced productivity. Their large and easily accessible work table is made with Metalquartz®, a specially patented material engineered to provide the highest degree of durability.
The Breton Difference
CNC Router

Materials superiority:
The strong electro-welded structure ensures the rigidity needed for any kind of machining. The work tables are made of a special quartz-based polymeric material, called Metalquartz®, which ensures stability and durability. It also facilitates the placement of vacuum pods while maximizing procedures for cleaning the machine's residues. This machine is built with strong electro-welded structure to ensure the rigidness needed for any kind of machining.

Breton CNC Router
Ergonomics and Safety
It features the best front access thanks to its wide safety lock doors. With the lower work table and the step-to-access structure built in means this CNC router is a monobloc machine that is easy to move if needed. The large plexiglass windows provide safety between the work area and the CNC operator while deadening sound.  A safe working area, along with a large and easily accessible work table ergonomically improves fabrication shops, while reducing dangers and sounds, all supported by Metalquartz® technology, specially engineered to ensure the same high rigidity and expansion coefficient as steel.

Natural Stone Machines
     - Tool cooling with internal and external water supply
     - The spindle’s vertical travel enables the nose to the easily reach the work table to slot small blocks
     - The spindle is mounted on a very rigid cast iron structure to minimize flexion under the heaviest milling loads and when embossing
     - The most innovative and advanced digital motors
     - Vacuum system with frontal controls, conveniently located for the operator
     - “Rapid” displacements of up to 164 feet per minute
     - Inline tool magazine located on both internal sides of the machine
     - Iso 40 standard tool mounting shank
     - 4th C-axis enables the usage of cutting, milling and polishing units

Natural Stone Machines
A spindle designed by Breton specifically for machining stone with a closed-circuit liquid cooled system with three large, high-performance ceramic bearings. It can reach speeds of up to 14,500 rpm and is engineered for machining natural stone, engineered stone and ceramics. The spindle gets its power from a Siemens brushless motor, which we have a winning partnership with, contributing to a synonymous and long-lasting quality product. The Siemens motor drives the mobile gantry bridge and spindle unit, while linear guides with recirculating balls and precision encoders guarantee movement accuracy. Furthermore, this HSK80 spindle ensures the right amount of torque and power required to perform each machining operation in the shortest time.
Breton CNC Router
User-friendly CNC Software:
This CNC contouring machine incorporates the ultimate generation Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL computer numerical control, digitally controllable and compatible with PC architecture, and a PC with windows 7 operating system. The CNC system swivels into position to the CNC operator with a keypad and graphic display on the color touch screen and USB port. A portable button panel is cable-linked to the main console and duplicates the machine controls (axis management, handwheel, emergency stop, etc.). In that way, the operator can closely monitor some particularly delicate operations to ensure that they are being carried out correctly, directly on the workpiece being machined, or can walk away to work on something else in the fabrication shop.

Robocup System®:
The Robocup system allows CNC operators handless control over the entire kitchen countertop fabrication cycle. Upon programming the cuts, as well as the placement, the spindle automatically picks ups the double-acting suctions cups for the machine’s storage, and places the, on the workbench. It places the cups at the exact position of the self-blocking valves according to the preset values and the pieces to be fabricated. This is a revolutionary, innovative and automated way of arranging vacuum cups on the work bench. A CNC operator does not need to stand over the machine and monitor it because the cups are automatically placed, allowing the operator free range on other projects in the fabrication shop. After the spindle places the cups, it will return to the ISO 40, and pick up the required tool to continue to the fabrication process. 
The Robocups sit on a solid top made of Metalquartz, replacing the standard top, to use double-acting vacuum cups. All the piece’s pin-stops are hidden and provided with vacuum cup locking. Also, a device is fitted on the spindle nose, which is required to position the pin-stops on metal bench. This innovative measure makes your production more advanced, efficient and effective.
Breton continues to lead the industry by creating innovative solutions to improve the efficiency, optimization, and production of fabrication shops all around the world. This automated solution not only creates a safer work environment, but also cuts down on human labor and error. Also, it gives CNC operators the opportunity to focus on other operations by not need to constantly monitor the fabrication cycle. This autmoated solution picks up slabs, puts them on a work table, and positions them where needed. After fabricating the slab, the robot will pick up the slab and remove it from the work table.
Breton CNC Router
Breton SmartCam MILL:
The top software for shaping countertops on 4-axis Breton 4-CNC routers. This CAD/CAM software lets CNC operators draw, program and shape complex stone workpieces, such as vanities and countertops. This program generates cutting, shaping, contouring, milling, drilling, profiling and pocket machining procedures with several different types of tools. Honing surfaces and grooves, including inclined ones are no feat for this machine. You can also create 2D and 3D generations that the machine will carry out. Importing drawings in DXF and DWG format from external CAD programs, interfacing the software with a laser projector to arrange vacuum pods on the work table, importing IGES, STL, STEP and 3D surfaces and solid models and machining vanities and countertops are all things this machine can accomplish for your fabrication shop. Also, this software will check any possible tool-piece and/or tool-machine collision and calculate the raw material remaining after machining. SmartCam MILL operates in a Windows environment, being intuitive and user-friendly.
Breton machine
Optional Accessories:
1. Head for honing grooves and surfaces
     2. Head for machining sinks with 90° corners and polished internal grooves
     3. Contact tool setting probe for checking the length of tools and the diameter of blades
     4. Laser tool setting probe for checking the profile, diameter and length of tools
     5. Contact probe for checking surface/planarity of the workpiece
     6. Double-acting vacuum cups
     7. Laser projector of the piece and suction cup shapes
     8. Vertical cutting head
     9. Cutting unit with 45° inclined blade
     10. Aluminum work table provided with grooves for mechanical fastening of vacuum pods
CNC Machines to Optimize your Fabrication Process
You’ll have an opportunity to learn about this machine running at Coverings 2019. From April 9 - 12, our team of salesmen, engineers, and technicians will be at the Orange County Convention Center at booth 3872. With over 1,000 CNC installations in North America, Breton USA is here for your fabrication requirements. To learn more about this machine before the show, please contact us at or (941) 960-8753.



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