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August, 15/2018
IMTS 2018, September 10-15
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McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago, Illinois
The Ideal solution for complex operations
The Flymill is an interpolated 5-axis high-performance machining center engineered for milling complex three-dimensional work pieces. It is available in four different models (1000, 1300, 1600 and 2000). The main differences are their vertical and horizontal travels, being 98.4, 137.8 and 157.4 inches. Although the longitudinal travels span anywhere from 78.7 to 315 inches and over. This high-performance precision machining center is ideal for milling medium to very large pieces of steel, moulds, aluminum, composites, resins, and light alloys to superalloys.
No job too complex
Optimal travel speeds and spindle capabilities make the Flymill the perfect choice for high-speed machining operations for complex workpieces. This CNC machine can tackle almost any job because it operates on 3 dimensions simultaneously. Machine operation and programming is simple and user friendly. It can also machine complex undercuts extremely well because axis A can rotate 120° without having to reposition the workpiece.
The amply dimensioned table, structural rigidity and operational travel distances let the Flymill operate in a shuttle configuration. Its linear axis can move at 131 to 196 feet per minute. Maximum production flexibility is guaranteed from continuous axis C rotation, axis A being able to rotate from -105° to +120°, and rotational speeds of 18,000 to 28,000 rpms on a 40 kW electrospindle.
These interpolated 5-axis CNC milling machines produce second-to-none results. However, exceptional performances are not the only thing they produce. The Flymill generates chips and disperses dust and fumes into job shops. Also, with the industry’s quest for having machines capable of faster and more precise performances, it drives CNC machine manufacturers to match those requests. Although, higher operational speeds mean more emissions are produced. So, to deliver you a better and safer machine, our solution was fitting the Flymill with a full top cover to prevent these by-products from reaching the CNC machine operator.

A faster machine means more noise and vibration, right? Not quite, the Flymill is more silent, faster and precise because of these covers. Its soundproofing material dampens the end-of-travel, self-lubricating sliding blocks, and polymer-coated metal rollers, letting the Flymill’s head glide with ease.

This 5-axis CNC machine is well known for machining resins. However, during the fabrication process dust is produced, as previously mentioned, which can easily be sucked up into the bellows. To prevent this from happening, we installed translucent fabric bellows. They have a very high resistance to abrasion, cutting, oils, high temperatures, and of course dust. With the bellow’s transparent appearance, light can still pass through, allowing you to monitor the machine while it is milling, and creates a safer, quieter, and cleaner job shop. We also fitted the spindle nose with a dust extraction system to create the best user experience possible. The installation of the top bellows in this case prevents fine dust escaping, guaranteeing a controlled airflow so that the dust can be extracted.  
A choice of high-performance electrospindles is available for the Flymill machining centers. The electrospindles can reach rotational speeds North of 40,000 rpm and 137Nm torque during continuous operations. High-speed machining, rough milling, and finishing operations are possible because of the wide variety of electrospindles. Composite materials, light alloys, steel and superalloys are ideal materials for the Flymill to machine. Every electrospindle we provide is thermally stabilized and has software specifically dedicated to compensating any thermal expansion and drift your surface may endure. As a result, maximum machining precision in environments where operational conditions vary improves drastically. 
If you work in an industry where dozens of tools are required to meet your fabrication needs, look no further. Flymill machining centers are equipped with a tool magazine that holds up to 150 tools. If that is too many, it can hold as little as 30 tools, but it all depends on your milling requirements. Lastly, you can equip this 5-axis CNC machine with an innovative monitoring and in-process inspection system. The Flymill’s optional laser, touch tool pre-setter, and radio-controlled probe system acquire the exact size of the work piece by gathering its coordinates positioning it more easily. By utilizing these options, every machining operations will be as precise as it was engineered to be for your machine shop.

With a wide selection of accessories available, you can adapt them to your individual requirements. The configuration of the Flymill is also highly customizable. The standard version comes with one working area, another model comes with two work areas for pendulum machining, while another comes with a pallet changeover system, and another one comes with an integrated milling table.
The Difference
If that is not enough to consider this CNC machine when looking for new CNC equipment, here are a few more. Compact designs of the Flymill let CNC operators position this machine in their job shops where space is limited. However, do not be fooled, this CNC machine offers significantly large work areas. Another benefit to this machining center is an ideal cooling system that lets the machine run longer and more precisely without overheating. Depending on the type of machining you are doing, the coolant system will either use external or internal measures. It works through the spindle coolant using fixed and variable internal pressures, up to 70 bar, an incorporated spray mist system, or simply using compressed air.

No matter what your requirements are, the Flymill has a solution to fit your individual production and machining requirements. With the customizable performances the Flymill produces, its machining presence is felt across a broad range of applications, including but not limited to the aerospace, automotive, mould, die and gear sectors.

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