Client Spotlight: Mario & Son

November, 3/2020
Breton USA had the opportunity to interview Mario & Son, owners of multiple Breton machines. Owner Joey Marcella talks on his business, Breton cnc equipment, and the future of the industry.  
Who is Mario & Son?
Mario & Son was founded in 1991 by Mario and Joey Marcella, beginning as an extension to their tile business, and later transitioning into solely stone work. They are a full service stone fabrication company, specializing in countertops as well as cubic stone applications for the artistic, liturgical and architectural sectors.

Mario & Son purchased their first CNC in 1997, one of the first companies to invest in machinery in Western US, and now own a Breton Forte router and their newly purchased Combi sawjet. “Reputation brought us to Breton. Build quality and service sold us” - Joey Marcella. 
Combi_ The New Monoblock 5-Axis SawJet
When asked about three benefits Mario & Son has experienced by investing in Breton machinery, Joey Marcella responded with Reliability, Ease of Use, and Innovation. With their two Breton machines, the company has consolidated fabrication processes and greatly sped up production times. 

The Breton Forte has been part of the Mario & Son family for almost over two years, a machine with the perfect mix of power and precision. This CNC router is equipped with a HSK B80 spindle, ensuring higher quality edges with fewer touch-ups. 

Their newest machine, the Breton Combi, has allowed them to do perfect miters thanks to MiterWave. This non-contact sensor scans the slab’s surface while calculating cutting points, all without touching or flexing the slab. More points measured, that can also be corrected during the cutting process. It’s this kind of innovation that attracted Mario & Son to Breton. 
Combi_ The New Monoblock 5-Axis SawJet
“Breton has allowed us more flexibility and accuracy on mitering, which has become a larger part of our day to day production.” - Joey Marcella.

When it comes to reliability, Breton engineers every single machine to be long-lasting, and Mario & Son is proof of that. “The machinery is doing what it is supposed to do, and I don’t have to call you.” - Joey Marcella. 

When service is needed, Breton USA covers the whole North American region, including 6 service points in Florida, Michigan, East Coast, and two in Canada. If it’s after work hours, fabrication shops can also contact the 24-hour remote hotline, which allows technicians to connect directly to Breton machinery, troubleshooting problems in real-time for quick and cost-effective results.
The Future of The Stone Industry
Joey Marcella believes that the biggest challenge on the horizon for the stone industry is quartz fabrication. 

“As the original innovator of quartz surfacing, you must understand that the product no longer resembles what it did 20 years ago. It is very problematic now, but no effort to educate the consumer is being made by the companies producing the slabs. Most, if not all liability is constantly directed to the fabricator who has nothing to do with the performance of the product.” 

Mario & Son will continue to grow and innovate their business, putting their efforts going towards the architectural division. 



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