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Bridge Saws
March, 5/2019
Bridge Saws and CNC Machines Driven by Innovation
Breton USA is a subsidiary of Breton Spa, a world renown leader in all things stone industry related. In one way or another, Breton nearly reaches every facet of the industry. Bridge saws for cutting into stone, CNC machines for polishing and profiling said slabs, flat edge polishers, multiwire block cutters, and waterjet cutting machines are only a few of the products Breton offers stone fabricators.

We also manufacturer plants that make engineered stone slabs, with prestigious clients such as Cambria, Cosentino and Caeserstone that rely on Bretonstone technology. The only side of the industry that our technology cannot be found is in the mining of marble. 

As a sister company of Breton, Breton USA has two locations in the United States. Our main headquarters is in Sarasota, Florida, while our other facility is in Detroit, Michigan. Our CNC technicians are responsible for servicing all Breton CNC machines in North America. From installation, training, repairs and routine maintenance, Breton USA can easily be found throughout the continent keeping your machines running smoothly.

Aside from servicing CNC machines, Breton USA also sells Breton’s full line of stone and metal working machines.

Breton sets itself apart from the rest of the industry with its commitment to Research and Development, as well as a continual quest for excellence, all while being Driven by Innovation.

We constantly strive to work with our clients and bring them the solutions they need to separate themselves from the competition in their respective markets. If you can dream it, Breton USA can do it for you.
Founded on Service
Breton USA began its North American journey in 2004. When Breton first penetrated the North American market, it was done through Gianrico Filippetto, the founder and president of Breton USA. He launched our quest by gaining the exclusive right to service Breton’s CNC equipment throughout North America: The United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean’s.

Expanding our presence was an important and essential move that allowed us to service our clients quicker than before. Our technicians have been meeting the needs of a robust client base for years, keeping their Breton CNC machines running smoothly, while ensuring the performance and dependability the world has come to expect from us.
Breton USA Grows
In July of 2011, Breton USA expanded its scope to include the sales and distribution for the full catalog of Breton’s CNC machine in the United States and Canada. With a product range for Stone Working, Machine Tools, and Engineered Stone Plants, each and every machine that Breton USA sells upholds a high standard of quality, performance and SAFETY.

With agents around the country, our sales team is dedicated to expanding our footprint in North America and keeping our clients informed on the latest technological advances that put them on the cutting edge of their industries.

Our sales team continually identifies new opportunities for growth and new customers with a real need for Breton’s CNC machines. We have a passion for building long-term relationships that give fabrication shops and CNC operators the opportunity to take advantage of Breton’s automation and innovation.
Breton USA Customer Service
Aside from our CNC technicians out in the field, Breton USA has another way to service your CNC machine. We offer a FREE 24-hour remote hotline service that gives our in-office CNC technicians the ability to remotely diagnose issues with your CNC machines.

Once the CNC operator and Breton USA technician are connected, we can walk the client through their issues and instruct them on how to fix their Breton machine. Breton USA is proud to say that this free service fixes and has a success rate of over 90% of the phone calls that come in.

Between our two United States facilities, we collectively hold six million dollars’ worth of spare parts ready to be shipped to fabrication shops at their disposal. Our stock of Breton spare parts ensures that in the unlikely event your CNC machine goes down, Breton USA can get spare parts to your CNC machine shop as soon as you need them.

If you are worried about the skillset required to operate a Breton CNC machine, do not fret. The Breton Service Package will be of great benefit to your CNC operators. The technical evolution in processing stone and the technology of the machines imposes formative training programs for CNC operators from Breton USA.

The elevated competence of our technicians is essential to ensure maximum effectiveness, quality of service, practical utilization of the CNC machine and its features. This includes the maintenance module, as we provide the CNC operators knowledge of their CNC machine to fully optimize their fabrication shop’s productivity.

Any client of Breton USA can count on the best hands-on training from our team that will not leave until your CNC operators know how to use their user-friendly machine to the fullest.

Breton USA has five service points in North America, creating a quick and easy turnaround for our clients when service is needed. However, we are excited and proud to announce that as of March 2019, Breton USA will have a sixth West Coast service point located in Oxnard, California.
West Coast Service Point
With the addition of Breton USA’s West Coast Service point in California, we can now address the needs of our clients faster than ever. Also, clients in California will now be able to access our free remote hotline service with extended hours since this service point is located within the Pacific Time Zone, as compared to Florida on the East coast.

If you ever considered partnering with Breton USA for your technology needs, whether it be a bridge saw, CNC router or any other CNC machine, but was hesitant because you did not have local service, that time is over.

We are excited to open this service point and expand our presence on the West Coast. From up and down the Pacific, throughout the Rocky Mountains and the rest of the Great American West, Breton USA is dedicated to offering faster support to all our clients and prospective customers.

This is just another step taken as we continually strive to offer the best customer service for our clients. With that, Sebastiano Miotti, the nephew of Breton USA’s president and CEO, Gianrico Filippetto, will be heading the new West Coast service point.

Breton USA is excited and extremely confident in Sebastiano’s ability to bring you the training, field service and preventative maintenance your company needs to bypass your competition with Breton bridge saws and CNC machines.
​Sebastiano Miotti
Sebastiano grew up in Northern Italy, where he was first introduced to Breton and began his CNC machine servicing career. He started working for Breton five years ago. Initially, Sebastiano was located at Breton’s headquarters in Castello Di Godego, Italy. However, in September 2014, the opportunity to work and live in the United States arose when Gianrico invited him to cross the ocean for his company.

After capitalizing on this opportunity, Sebastiano worked out of Breton USA’s headquarters in Sarasota, Florida. For nearly three years this was where he came back to when he was not traveling to clients. Many of Breton USA’s clients already know who Sebastiano is, considering he prefers to be out in fabrication shops servicing CNC machines and building relationships.

“The job is very demanding, so you have to focus 150% of your time on the client, and the working relationship,” however, Miotti finds it “very rewarding when I am able to make clients happy and satisfied.”

It goes without saying that Sebastiano is extremely passionate and puts a lot of effort into his work. For all those who have already had him in their fabrication shops can surely attest to this.

“I love to show CNC operators how our bridge saws and CNC routers work, how to get the best performances out of them, and seeing clients happy with their industry-leading technology investments.”

These are some Sebastiano’s favorite things about working for Breton USA.

“Installation is very nice because I get to spend more time with customers, building relationships, giving them presentations of their new CNC machine during training to show its capabilities and production will improve.”

For Sebastiano, proving the quality and reliability of Breton’s CNC machine is something he is proud to do. This helps new clients understand that they bought a great machine backed by service that is centered around YOU.

“Working for Breton USA in Sarasota was very nice, and I will miss the people, but California is a market that presents us great potential.”

Sebastiano is ready to embark on this new journey on behalf of Breton USA. After spending the last few years at our HQ under CNC service technicians that came before him in the same position, he is more than qualified to service and install any Breton CNC machine in your fabrication shop.

“This opportunity offers me personal growth, time to learn and sharpen my knowledge of Breton’s CNC machine range, the ability to make more happy customers, and explore the American life on the West Coast of the United States.”

The work he does credits his testimony and all that he says to be true. In the future, be sure to request for Sebastiano when your new bridge saw or CNC router is being installed.
Breton USA California
Breton USA will be at the Natural Stone Institute Stone Industry Safety event in Modesto, California on March 21st. If you are in the area, make plans to attend this event and come learn more about Breton USA’s range of CNC machines and second-to-none customer service.

Breton USA offers industry-leading service for all Breton machines in North America. With three facilities in the United States, we are equipped to supply fabrication shops with spare parts at your disposal.

However, with the addition of this service point, if you are on the West Coast, there is no better time than now to go digital or upgrade to a Breton bridge saw, like the Genya or a CNC router, such as the world renown NC300 EVO, and improve what matters most: accuracy, efficiency, ergonomics, production and safety.

A smooth workflow is the lifeline of your business and with any disruption of operation, no matter how small, the costs can add up quickly. That is why our mission at Breton USA is to unify the sales and service experience for you.


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