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January, 7/2019
Mandalay Bay Convention Center, TISE 2019
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Industry 4.0's big data solution
Let’s face it. Lost time is lost money when it comes to fabrication, especially when an expensive piece of CNC equipment is sitting idle on the shop floor.

In order to get the most out of your investment, utilizing a software that will improve its use and prevent future faults is vital.

That is why Breton invented Sentinel, a network-based software solution for real-time machine production data monitoring and analysis, a feature of DigiHUB.

Essentially, bridge saws utilizing this solution have a “black box” equipped on them with sophisticated and advanced sensors, modular SoftPLCs, and a networked software characterized by a modular platform that is highly customizable built around Microsoft technology.
Bridge Saw

It automatically gathers and processes manufacturing data to boost productivity and post-sale efficiency for sawjets, bridge saws and other CNC machines.  
With its live screen technology and fully customizable operator interface, Sentinel helps owners, production managers, CNC operators, floor supervisors and other staff to monitor and analyze machine production and efficiency on site and remotely.
The software can collect data simultaneously from multiple job sites for easy comparison.

Bridge Saw
Referencing previous jobs and operations for real-time comparison to boost accuracy and efficiency is as simple as a few clicks.
However, it also gives users the ability to interpret the mine of information for predicting future operations, boosting efficiency and performance.
This solution is guaranteed to improve the operations of your fabrication shop.
It is very beneficial for bridge saws like the Genya and Combicut, as well as Machine Tools for the aerospace, automotive and defense industries.

It can also store all the documentation related to the machine supplied by the manufacturer, including the content users upload to the system, being photographs, videos, control reports and more.
Bridge Saw
With Sentinel, you can generate both real-time and historic charts and reports with automatic calculations of key metrics:

    - OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
    - TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Performance)
    - Machine Performance Analysis
    - Spindle Analysis
    - Tool Production Analysis
    - Production Overview
    - Cycle time/Hours worked
    - Idle time
    - Pieces produced
    - Active tool working time
    - Energy consumption
- Real-time display of spindle operation
- Comparison of actual work data with the theoretical usage curve
- Spindle overload visual alarm     
- Extrapolation of the expected spindle life

These metrics ensure your Breton bridge saws are running at peak performance.
Sentinel will also send alarms of the machine’s health, store data on a central server, allow access to data from anywhere, and will send push notifications as it detects anomalies above or below the threshold.

All of this can be monitored and detailed for each order with access anywhere from common devices, such as PCs, tablets and smartphones.
Bridge Saw
Unlike many comparable products, Sentinel’s live screen technology allows monitoring not only on large TV screens within the production facility but also on smart phones and tablets.

In fact, using the optional PowerBi Web Client that comes with Sentinel, real-time production monitoring is never further away than any device equipped with a browser and internet connection.

Remote access into the data is extremely practical because you know longer are required to monitor operations from the CNC interface unit.

This feature allows CNC operators to focus on other tasks and jobs within a fabrication shop, freeing up time, and making companies more productive.
Bridge Saw
This big data software offers human/machine interconnection solutions.
CNC operators and fabrication shop managers can see who has been doing what.
The Sentinel registers the user who performed different operations and maintenance, allowing for seamless transparency between employees being able to address issues quicker in the future.
The CNC operator can also connect with Sentinel on social platforms like Twitter.
Bridge Saws
Scheduled maintenance can be monitored and assigned with Sentinel, ensuring that all bridge saws running this technology are operating at peak efficiency.

The use and maintenance module was designed to help owners, managers and CNC operators control tool costs and identify opportunities for increasing production.
It manages the ordinary maintenance in an integrated way according to actual machine use, while the user who performed the maintenance and when.

This module will chronologically trace the maintenance performed, allowing for comparison and analysis of trends over time.
Bridge Saws
Breton's after-sales serive and effectiveness drastically approves with Sentinel.
If your bridge saw goes down, be sure to first utilize Breton USA’s free Remote Hotline Service for help.
However, once you are connected with one of our CNC service technicians, they can now access the Sentinel platform.
This allows the technicians to tap into all the relevant production and maintenance data related to the issue at hand, creating quicker diagnostics and resolutions.
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This IT platform was engineered to collect and monitor machine data in real-time in order to optimize the exploitation of bridge saws and make maintenance operations more efficient.

It was designed with CNC operators in mind. Taking advantage of this innovative technology will propel you past your competition and supercharge production.

Stop by booth 3872 at Coverings 2019 to learn more about this software package. Breton USA’s salesmen and engineers will be there to tell you more about it.

However, do not hesitate to reach out to us today at or (941) 860-8753 to learn more right now!



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