Big Changes at Breton USA

Egon Hinss National Sales Manager
September, 18/2018
Big changes at breton usa
Gerry Van Der Bas, Breton USA’s National Sales Manager, has resigned from our team to explore new opportunities after spending over a decade growing our stone footprint throughout the nation to over 1000 machine installations.
Egon Hinss, who was promoted to Regional Sales Manager last year, is now taking the lead of the stone department, accepting a promotion as National Sales Manager. Breton USA is excited to see the new direction Egon will take us as we set out to reach new heights in 2019.
We wish Gerry the best of luck in all his future endeavors and appreciate his endless enthusiasm for the stone industry.
“Egon will be my successor in a very challenging position.” Gerry confidently congratulates Egon, “There is no other person in this industry who is more qualified or prepared.”
On September 26th, Egon will proudly represent Breton USA for the first time as National Sales Manager at the world’s largest stone show, Marmomac, in Verona, Italy. Joining him will be John Fallon, and our most recent addition to the sales team, Graham Tait, who will be attending the international affair for the first time.
Our new strong leadership team is preparing Breton USA for a prosperous year and a prolific future with Egon Hinss at the helm of our stone division sales.
To arrange a meeting with National Sales Manager Egon Hinss, please reach out to or call (941) 360-2700 x5.


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