Client Spotlight: Twin Stone Marble

December, 4/2019
Twin Stone Marble- Client Spotlight
Breton USA had the chance to interview Andy Medina, who worked on the majority of the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood, FL in preparation for the 2020 Super Bowl. Twin Stone, a family-owned business has accomplished a lot in the last few decades with Hard Rock as their most recent success.  
Has the Hard Rock been your biggest job so far?
Bridge Saws
“Yeah, it has been the biggest job, not by a lot but it has been our biggest and most intricate job. I started from point of bid in 2016 and we will be there until right before Super Bowl 2020. That was always the goal because this hotel was set up for the Super Bowl which will be at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

We also did the Bristol West Palm, it was actually a lot more intricate than the Hard Rock, the Contourfive was used I would say more than the Hard Rock.  Lots of CNC, fluted, 6-inch-thick water features, and walls, and caps, and lighting features. 

We also wrapped up the Four Seasons Surfside with the Contourfive, which was another big push, we were able to get a lot of custom corners and radius pieces.  The machine has definitely pushed us over the edge.”
How long have you had the Contourfive machine?
“We are going on 2.5 years, I signed with Hard Rock and I had the contract somewhat already buttoned up with you guys and I was just waiting to make sure that I had the resources to make the investment on my first Breton machine.

This machine has already got over a years’ worth of hours on it, I know that for sure.
 It’s running maybe 18-20 hours a day and then when we have custom pieces it's working more.

Leaving the machine running is great! The best part honestly for me is that I’m able to leave someone to just keep an eye on the machine, and that machine is running 24 hours a day, I don’t need my fulltime designer there.”
What is the history of twin stone?
“Mom runs the business. We are a woman; minority-owned business and my dad is heavily involved with the production and is the VP.
We are definitely a matriarchal atmosphere here though, she’s a badass and everyone is scared of her; dad, me, everyone.

Our company is strong and decent sized but we are really slim, we have one designer, who goes in and programs the paths for the machines and then on second or third shift we have one guy who knows how to load/unload the material, close/open the doors, do the process and then hit the start button to keep that machine running.

Right now, we are about 70,000 square feet and are approximately 65 employees, we also employ around 200 installers.

We open satellite locations wherever we have jobs. Whenever we pick up a job abroad, we will open a warehouse, factory, a small shop, whatever is needed and then when the job is done, we will bring it back home.”
How did you hear about Breton?
“I’m in the Stone Industry!

I spend a lot of time traveling and I’m in Italy 3 months out of the year and I deal with all these guys that are working and rocking your machine, and I’ve been seeing your machine for years in shops so it was the next step.

The aspiration 15 years ago when I really started getting involved in the business was to have a full Breton line, we were smaller so, we did a slow and gradual change. I had originally talked to John Fallon about purchasing a Combicut and trying to make my shop as diversified as possible, I realized that I didn’t really need a Combicut what I needed was a 5-axis that I can use as a saw.

Essentially, I use the Contourfive 75% of the time just as a bridge saw, whether you believe it or not.

It’s my bridge saw and pushes a lot of work, but it gave me the ability to get into the 3D and dimensional stone-works which has been fantastic.

We have been able to create a lot of things that we haven’t been able to do in the past and it was like, I’ve always known you as the “Red Ferrari” in our business it’s what you want to have.”
How has Breton service been for you?
“That was an important part of the decision, my one concern was keeping my machine running. The fact that you guys are five hours away and there is someone that can be here in a few hours and save me from losing my mind. 

You have taken care of me and it’s been a good venture, I’m excited to add more Breton machines to the line.”
Do you plan on expanding in the coming years?
“Absolutely, we have really big plans, let’s just say, we have big, big plans over the next 5-10 years.”
Would you recommend people get machines from Breton?
“It’s a catch 22 on my end, I talk about your machine to anyone that isn’t in my neighborhood, but at the same time, I don’t want anyone close getting it. 

For example, in the last couple of months, I’ve had a lot of calls about ‘the 3D stone printing machine’ as they call it. It’s really been helpful to have something that no one else in our neighborhood can provide.

It’s been great!”
Breton USA is excited to see what the next steps are for Twin Stone and to help them continue reaching greater heights.  Make sure to stop by booth #3847 at TISE to see how we can help your company grow or contact us at  


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