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Bridge Saws
Bridge Saws
Bridge Saws
December, 19/2019
Bridge Saws
A rare and exciting opportunity to own a production-ready, brand new Combicut DJ/NC 500 with zero wait time is now available.  This machine is a combination waterjet and diamond blade saw that combines and alternates cutting with the disk and waterjet depending on preset programs or at the fabricator’s directive. This machine is ideal for jobs that require more complex cuts.
Award Winning Miterwave
This Combicut comes with Miterwave, the software which won Best of Innovation at TISE 2019. This software allows the Combicut to execute perfect miters even with non-planer surfaces. Miterwave is specifically designed for the precision cutting of drop edges and waterfall miters, it automatically senses and calculates variables such as machine temperatures as well as any variations in the stone surface correcting them in real-time. 

The result is precisely cut mitered edges with tight drops and pieces that fit together in a way unmatched by any manufacturer in the industry making this machine ideal for jobs that require more complex cuts. 
Bridge Saws
The cutting spindle comes with an inverter for the nonstop adjustment of the disk rotation speed and a laser tracker that displays the cutting direction. The cutting unit is automatically motorized and can be programmed in any position from 0° to 55°, this performs inclined cuts in either the plunge-cut or step-cut mode.  It is also provided with a special function for the continuous, automatic benefits of jet tapering. The included automatic gage measures the slab thickness and makes it possible to produce borders with precise dimensions.
Bridge Saws
The Combicut is equipped with the latest generation of Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL computer numerical control (CNC) with a digitally controlled PC that has an Intel processor and a Windows XP operating system. The control board can be rotated and comes with a keyboard, a color touch screen for graphic visualization, and a USB port.

There is a portable button panel that is cable linked to the console and duplicates the main controls such as the management of the axes, handwheel, and the emergency stop. This allows the operator to stand near the piece being machined and visually inspect the correct execution of delicate operations.
Breton’s Multi-Touch Software is loaded on the PC.  Each app of the software includes multimedia help to assist the user in a functional and efficient way. The software includes the following apps:

Slab Editor – controls the digital camera installed on the machine and enables the user to acquire the slab image and draw its perimeter and the defects simply by touching them on the multitouch monitor. 

Cut Scheme - arranges the cutting scheme in the best possible way either through the automatic nesting or by manually entering with a touch. The pieces can be moved, rotated, or coupled with other pieces due to the automatic snap.  

Cut Move Editor–  calculates the cutting sequence and the different handling operations needed for its execution.

Shape Editor –  allows the user to draw using just a finger. 

Slab Selector – manages the slab database. 

DB Orders –  manages the order database. 

Nesting System allows the managing of the automatic nesting of imported DXF files. 
Bridge Saws
A series of sliding doors with large transparent surfaces are at the front of the machine guaranteeing the failsafe mechanisms that are there. The doors also offer silent machining and protect operators from dangerous hazards that could fly off the machine. The fixed worktop that consists of a steel tray with “gradually deteriorating” blades supports the slab during machining.

The high-pressure Waterjet pump system is supplied by KMT Waterjet Systems who provide the operator with the international guarantee service on the Waterjet cutting system. Breton USA has been trained and certified to work on the waterjet pump system.  

Incredible Opportunity
This is an incredible opportunity that won’t be around for long! Contact us at for more information or come see the Combicut in person at Breton USA’s booth #3847 at TISE 2020!


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