Client Spotlight: Las Vegas Rock

Las Vegas Rock Breton USA Paragon MultiWire
Las Vegas Rock Breton USA Paragon MultiWire
Las Vegas Rock Breton USA Paragon MultiWire
Las Vegas Rock Breton USA Paragon MultiWire
May, 18/2020
Breton USA had the opportunity to interview Las Vegas Rock, Breton client since 2016, owner of the Breton Paragon, and winner of the 2019 Pinnacle Award of Excellence in Architectural Carving/Lettering/Sculpture. 

Jeremy Adams, Las Vegas Rock’s VP of Operations, speaks with Breton on their work at the ASU Barrett & O’Connor Washington Center and how their Breton machine assisted their project.
Who is Las Vegas Rock?
Las Vegas Rock Logo
Las Vegas Rock corporation was formed in 1991 to produce and distribute decorative stone and related products. As a high-end stone boutique, their applications include commercial building exterior cladding, feature and accent walls. 

In their factory located in Jean, NV, Las Vegas Rock cuts and polishes blocks from their quarry into slabs and other materials. Their stone is quarried at the Rainbow Quarries in Nevada, where Las Vegas Rock owns and operates 320 acres of land in addition to over 600 more acres of approved mining claims.

“Each slab is defined by its unique geological makeup, beautiful color, and veining

Las Vegas Rock has achieved a Cradle to Cradle Silver Certificate. We make every attempt to minimize our global footprint and to use 100% of the material that we extract from our quarry.”
The NSI Pinnacle Award Winning Project
Las Vegas Rock Breton USA MultiWire Machine
The Pinnacle Awards of Excellence is a Natural Stone Institute initiative, given to projects “whose beauty, creativity, ingenuity, and craftsmanship exemplify professional mastery in the use of natural stone” - NSI. Las Vegas Rock celebrated their award this year at TISE in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Las Vegas Rock won the Pinnacle Award of Excellence for their work on the ASU Barrett & O’Connor Washington Center, a historic building located just two blocks from the White House, home to various Arizona State University programs and research facilities. 

“The project consisted of two different feature walls. One was a 3D feature wall and the other a logo wall. The inspiration for this was the desert home of ASU. [As if] a slot canyon was extracted from the home of ASU and transplanted to Washington DC.

The wall with the ASU logo was carefully engraved using windsweeping techniques, “only revealing the bold ‘ASU’ when carefully caught by the meticulous eye of visitors” 

Las Vegas Rock aimed to recreate the effects of weather on stones over thousands of years. They created a wave effect with an undulating motion, forming a continuous flow from panel to panel. 

The judges that declared Las Vegas Rock the winners of the Pinnacle award referred to the project as a “unique, individualized expression in a vertical plane”, appreciative of the artistic hand behind it and calling it “meaningful and successful” - Natural Stone Institute.
How Breton’s Cutting Block Machine Assisted Las Vegas Rock
Las Vegas Rock Breton USA MultiWire Machine
Las Vegas Rock used their Breton Paragon Multi-Wire (22 wires) cutting block to assist with the completion of their project.

The Paragon is a multi-wire machine designed and built to cut blocks of stone into slabs for fabrication shops. This machine was engineered to maximize CNC operators’ overall experience by providing fast and accurate operations. The Paragon line consists, from smaller to largest, of the 600, 800, 1000, and 1600 models.

“The multi-wire saw has revolutionized our process. The saw cuts so quickly and accurately. It has ultimately reduced our waste and increased our accuracy and production volume. 

On a single shift we can produce about 400,000 sf of slabs with 99% of the material coming off being good usable material.

The equipment is extremely reliable and built very well. You can tell that a lot of engineering and thought went into the design and execution of the breton machinery. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a Breton multi-wire saw.”
Features of the Paragon Multi Wire Machine
Breton USA Paragon Multi Wire Machine
The Breton Paragon is a multi-wire cutting machine with multiple features to assure safe work environments, accurate cuts, and speedy processes.

Block Cutting Machine’s Accessible Structure 
The Paragon is equipped with staircases and gangways for easy operator access. Safety is assured with both idle and motorized rollers being protected by sliding guards, and an easy wire installation process that eliminates complicated pre-stretching systems by providing a large wire stretching moving area. 

Multi Wire Saw Rollers
The Paragon stone cutting machine has five rollers to guarantee evenly distributed cutting through the block. The rollers are mounted inside a closed steel structure that slides along supporting columns, rigidly anchored to the ground and stabilized by steel tie rods. This rigid structure minimizes vibrations, leading to high quality cuts. 

The machine is equipped with adjustable winding rollers that follow a motorized motion and are positioned closer to the saw blade, guaranteeing the highest rolling speed and accuracy. 
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The Paragon Multi-Wire saw can optimize the use of materials and speed block cutting processes, learn more about how this stone cutting machine impacts fabrication shops by emailing or calling Breton USA today!




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