Breton SmartDOC

June, 8/2020
SmartDOC is the software that stores your machine manuals and documentations, as well as being equipped video tutorials that assist operators’ training.

This program, through the use of QR codes, makes it efficient to not only search for important files, but also learn more on machine operations. Simply download the SmartDOC application on a device, scan the QR code on the machine, and experience the benefits the software has to offer.

SmartDOC Benefits
CNC Machine Document Manual
Easily Accessible CNC Software

All documentation on SmartDOC is easily accessible though different medias such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, and can be used by multiple users simultaneously. Fast loading speed allows for quick navigating through documents.

SmartDOC is also available when you don’t have access to internet, making it able to view needed files offline.

Search and Edit CNC Documents and Manuals 

If finding it difficult to find a file, SmartDOC can search text through all documents to locate the desired one. Browse through documents without wasting any time with this simple and fast solution.

SmartDOC allows for operators to add notes as well as set bookmarks in
specific documents and video tutorials.
CNC Machine Video Tutorials Training
CNC Operations Video Tutorials

This Breton software not only provides a great document storage, it is equipped with a variety of video tutorials on machine operations that serve as great training options, especially as they can also be accessed remotely.

Safe Storage for CNC and Fabrication Shop Documents 

To guarantee safety of documents, SmartDOC software encrypts every file, making it possible to even upload confidential information.
The information is safely stored even though automatic update process, to provide the best working version of the software.
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