Breton by Mistrello 2019

December, 4/2019
Breton by Mistrello
In 2012 Breton teamed up with Officine Mistrello to produce storage systems specifically for the natural stone, quartz, and ceramic industries. 

Mistrello is one of the oldest companies in Italy and 30 years ago established itself in the glass industry. They became known for their design/construction of warehouse storage and the handling of glass slabs prompting Breton to team up with them and produce warehouses for the stone, quartz, and ceramic industries. 

The storage systems produced by ‘Breton by Mistrello’ specialize in the most technologically advanced storage and handling system for the stone industry. These accordion-style systems are completely customizable and can be installed in any warehouse and connected to any existing or new machine. 
Double the Number of slabs and optimize workspace
‘Breton by Mistrello’ holds double the number of slabs as that of a standard A-frame warehouse.  

The slabs are stored and handled vertically and when the slabs are transferred to the cutting line they are turned horizontally.

These storage systems are four times more compact than traditional systems and are built with a bellow type closure that works to maximize the capacity of the entire work area. 

For fabricating shops that plan to expand in the future this customizable storage system can grow with the shop.  As more slab storage is needed extra units can be added to any ‘Breton by Mistrello’ system. 
The mechanisms of ‘Breton by Mistrello’ reduces the risk of accidents that can occur due to the incorrect handling of slabs. The machine allows the operator to quickly and safely load and unload slabs without any risk of injury. 

The system can be customized to be servo-assisted; the servomechanism uses a built-in encoder to achieve an optimal output.

It can also be completely mechanized and automatically managed by the Warehouse Management System (WMS). These safety features are what make this a great option for any shop.
Tailoring for each customer
These storage systems are highly customizable and can provide the best solution for the customer and their needs.  No matter the size of the shop or industry these machines can be custom made for each company to fit any need or want. 

The compact storage system is the ideal option for smaller shops and is the simplest system available.

The fully automated storage and handling system is the best for large industries that have multiple machines and want to be completely automated. 

The WMS helps control and manage the day to day operations in a warehouse, guiding inventory and optimizing the use of said inventory. This allows any shop to be run more efficiently.
Automatic Buffer System
The automatic buffer system can hold and sort remnants in a single line slot.  It’s able to hold up to 5 remnants in line that have the minimum dimensions of 800(w) mm by 450(h) mm each, solving the problem of how to store remnants. The customer can always double the remnant capacity by getting a two-level version which is available upon request. 
Machine Details
Each rack moves along a pair of sandblasted H profile rails through 4 wheels per strut for a total of 8 with protective guards over the wheels. The parts are made from high-grade S355 structural steel with 12 bearings. S355 is a low carbon steel grade often used in construction, manufacturing, and offshore industries. 

The entire cycle time for the process of loading and unloading the slabs takes a total of 45 seconds. 
The maintenance for this machine is simple and easy, it only requires regular cleaning and lubrication to keep it running as smoothly as possible.

If for any reason the machine isn’t working, manual handling can be utilized ensuring that the machine has zero downtime. 
Industry 4.0
With the rise of fabricating shops wanting to maximize space and safely transport slabs, this is the perfect solution for the entire stone industry. 

‘Breton by Mistrello’ can ultimately save the customer money, time, and space.  

Customize your own rack at  or for more information contact and find out how you can work smarter not harder! 


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