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Travis Farley Sales Team Breton USA Agents
February, 21/2020
Travis Farley Joins Breton USA
Breton USA welcomes their new direct sales agent for the stone machine division, Travis Farley. From technician to direct sales agent, Travis has extensive insight on how Breton machines operate and integrate into fabrication shops.

Travis has been working in the stone fabrication and stone cutting industry for more than 17 years, now covering the territories of Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee.

Having grown up in the area, in the Smoky Mountains of East TN, Travis is excited to put his skills to use in his territories. He says “the best part about growing up there was the easy access to all outdoor activities and beautiful surroundings!” - Travis Farley.

Travis is a family man, currently living at the foothills of the Smokies, in Maryville TN with his wife Tara of 28 years and his three children, William, Taylor, and Jackson.
The Best Resources With The Most Experience
Travis Farley Breton USA Sales and Technician
Breton USA contributes to the growth of fabrication shops by providing knowledgeable sales agents as resources to guarantee their success.Travis’ technical experience allows him to answer various questions and present accurate solutions, as he masters the intricacies of machine design and function. 

“Thanks to my expertise I understand what makes Breton machines so great! Breton has the absolute best engineered, best built, longest lasting machines available coupled with the strongest after-sales support structure which gives the client the best value for their purchase”- Travis Farley.

Travis’ skills make for great problem-solving abilities, assuring every Breton machine’s functionality in the installed shop. In his career as a technician Travis installed multiple machines, providing dedicated and personal training to fab shops’ personnel. Due to his expertise, he is able to give insight to clients on the installation and training processes.

“I would never make a promise of a machine’s capabilities that I personally couldn’t make work!” - Travis Farley.
Building Life-Long Relationships
Breton USA Client Relationships
Breton USA has been meeting the needs of many fabrication shops for decades, ensuring the quality and effective operation of our customers’ running machines. Travis is a passionate and dedicated individual that engages in various activities to support and assist the growth of the customers’ business, which results in long-lasting relationships.

“Honest, trustworthy, and adroit” are the three words clients would use to describe Travis. Travis is known for being amiable and respectful of customers from the very start, adding some tasteful humor to create a comfortable and friendly environment. 

“A guy who just knows stuff instinctively, is funny as hell, and does it right because it is the only way he knows how to.” - Gerry Van Der Bas.

Travis likes to accommodate to the customer’s time, energy, and personality. As the wellbeing of the fab shop and its team to him is important, he is always working to help achieve the shop’s desired goals.

When meeting someone interested in Breton machinery, Travis is a reliable consultant that will lead a shop to the best choice according to the business’ priorities.

“I ask questions such as where they might be having problems in their production, if they are losing money, etc., and offer the solution to their problems, both known and unforeseen” - Travis Farley.
What Makes Breton The Best Choice
Breton USA Best Stone Cutting Machine Genya
Breton’s brand reputation is one of performance and dependability, fulfilling any needs a fabrication shop may have, with a product line of machines for the stone working, ceramic processing, machining tools, and engineered stone plant industries.

“After working in the stone fab industry for close to two decades and having sold both custom machine projects as well as multiple machine sales to individual clients as an agent for Breton, I couldn’t bring myself to work for any other stone fab equipment company within the industry.” - Travis Farley

“When I look at a piece of Breton equipment, whether it’s a compound stone plant or a Genya, I see the efforts that went into creating them.  I appreciate the industry research and knowledge that went into even deciding to build any new machine to start with. I appreciate the engineering that went into the design of the machine that our competitors just don’t value. I appreciate the designers that ensure the machinery is beautiful as much as it is functional.” - Travis Farley.

Many clients rave about Breton products to Travis, sharing their happiness with the machine’s strong build, and up to a 75% increase in their production rates.
Meeting Your Service Expectations
Breton USA Service Support
Breton USA was founded on service. Our technicians have been meeting the needs of a large client base for decades ensuring the quality and effective operation of our customers’ running machines. Working as technicians, Travis and Stefano know the value of good service, always striving to be of assistance to Breton fab shops. 

“There is a camaraderie to the efforts of the Breton team that focuses on customer support” - Travis Farley.
Breton USA is responsible for servicing every Breton machine in North America with six service points and warehouses spread out over the United States and Canada, each service point appointed with technicians trained directly from Breton SpA.

Fabrication shops can contact Breton USA’s service and support hotline for immediate help. Breton USA’s advanced remote services allow technicians to connect directly into a customer’s machine and troubleshoot problems in real-time, guaranteeing fast and efficient service.

Travis believes Breton USA’s support is a great asset for anyone purchasing Breton machines.
“I appreciate the service and technical team that ensure each install is approached as though the machine is to operate there for life and proves out each option ordered works as sold, and the client is left happy.” - Travis Farley
Where to Meet Travis and Breton USA
Breton USA Trade Show and Events
Breton USA participates and sponsors a variety of events and trade shows every year, giving fab shops the opportunity to personally see and learn about showcased machines and products, and have access to Breton “sales, support, service, and management all at the same time”- Travis Farley.

Attending these events is encouraged by Travis, as it is an opportunity for fabrication shops to increase their knowledge on various Breton products with one-on-one attention. The Breton team welcomes all and is prepared to answer any question. 

If you are looking forward to meeting Travis in person, hewill be attending events throughout the year. In the near future, he will be attending Coverings’20 and a Natural Stone Institute (NSI) event in Arkansas.

Coverings is one of the most prominent events for the ceramic tile and natural stone industry in North America. Hosted in New Orleans, Louisiana for 2020 on April 20th-23rd, Coverings’ is known for showcasing products from suppliers all around the globe. Breton will be at Coverings’20 showcasing multiple machines, including the Genya, a monoblock bridge saw, at booth #9113!

“Anyone will be welcomed by a booth full of Breton professionals who will be excited to show hospitality to them, as well as the latest equipment and tools available from Breton to ensure shops’ success.” - Travis Farley.

Travis has been attending Coverings since 2004. “It is always good to see vendors and clients that have become good acquaintances and even old friends” - Travis Farley.

If looking for a smaller event, Travis will also be attending the first NSI event of the year on February 27th in Little Rock, AR. Natural Stone Institute (NSI), is a trade association that offers a variety of technical and training resources, professional development opportunities, and networking events. 

“These experiences are great venues to build relationships to try and grow in the future together in a more intimate setting” - Travis Farley.
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Breton USA is here to answer any questions on Breton machinery, and always happy to schedule meetings for sales agents like Travis. Together, Breton will help your shop achieve that next step you have been looking for.
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