The Breton Genya: Vein Matching

Monoblock Bridge Saw
Slab Vein Matching
February, 27/2020
The Breton Genya: Monoblock Bridge Saw
Genya Breton Bridge Saw Monoblock
The Breton Genya 5-axis monoblock bridge saw is known for being a great fit for fabrication shops looking to transition into CNC equipment and digital fabrication.

When client demands keep increasing, looking to expand a fabrication shop’s market share, or wanting to optimize labor and working hours, the Genya is here. The Breton Genya is the cutting and milling center that will help fabrication shops grow and succeed. 

The Genya bridge saw is equipped with many features that guarantee an efficient work environment. 

Milling Center With No foundations

The Genya monoblock is compact and easily transported, it requires no foundation and is simply secured to the floor. With the Breton’s Genya there is no stress involved when wanting to move the machine, considering changing shop locations, expanding, or making space for other equipment.
Bridge Saw Cutting Head and 13KW Motor

Genya’s cutting head rotates with continuous C axis movements around its vertical axis of ± 190°, and automatically tilts in every position from 0° to 90°. It is equipped with a laser tracer that maintains the cutting trajectory of the rotating head as it performs, guaranteeing accurate and precise cuts.

The 13KW motor has a working range of 1,000 – 5,000 rpm, providing unparalleled efficiency for different blade diameters and a ½” gas connection for core bit attachments and finger bit tools.
Gripping System Stone Cutting Machine
Gripping System and Tilting Workbench for CNC’s

Positioned behind the cutting head, Breton’s gripping system is the best for both optimizing slab usage and guaranteeing safety. Genya’s strong suction cup system decreases work-place industries by letting CNC operators manipulate and nest slab pieces on the workbench without having to physically move them.

The tilting workbench comes with a thick rubber coating that guarantees stability and accuracy while loading and unloading slabs, making jobs less physically demanding and safer when handling slabs.
CNC Controls and Software
CNC’s Software and Controls

The Genya is an upgraded bridge saw with the latest innovative technology. The CNC operator simply inputs the computer commands desired, and the machine automatically starts its cutting, milling, drilling, and trimming processes. 

Breton’s software interface is easy to use, a benefit to owning a Genya bridge saw. The software is user friendly, containing both “easy” and “advanced” level options depending on how complex the desired cutting and shaping operations are.

The control console of the monoblock bridge saw is equipped with a joystick to easily move several machining axes.
Breton Vein Matching For Compact Bridge Saws
Vein Matching on Stone
The Breton Genya can perform complex and unique processes, making the machine the most advanced monoblock bridge saw in the market. An optional accessory, the Breton Vein Matching program is growing in popularity.

Vein matching is one of the biggest trends in the Stone Industry, used by fabrication shops to give their slabs an elegant and organic feel. Breton Vein Matching assists fab shops achieve their desired veining, whether dramatic and colorful, or more subtle and pale.

Breton Vein Matching software allows the planning of slab cutting process to get the “infinite vein” effect by coupling different slabs and matching the veining.

It can manage up to 8 plates, creating a 3D image of the 2D project drawing in DFX format, giving machine operators a clear idea on how the finished product will look before slabs are even cut. Different materials and thicknesses can be used at the same time to prepare alternative solutions of the same process.

Many fabrication shops with Breton machines love this 3D feature, as it is extremely useful when trying to map out their projects. 

“The 3D formatting helps when presenting to the client. A little bit of flash goes a long way to instill confidence in the client that we are working with state-of-the-art tools and equipment. The complete kitchen put together in 3D is very impressive and extremely useful that they are basically looking at their finished kitchen before slabs have been cut.” – Frank Lesher, Lesher Natural Stone, Tile & Quartz.

When applied in a Genya, a machine that is already in place to reduce and speed up workload, the Breton Vein Matching Software allows to do unique and intricate projects that will attract customers to fabrication shops.
Owning A Vein Matching Software
Vein Matching Software Fabrication Shop
Join the multiple fabrication shops that have added the Breton Vein Matching accessory to their machines!

Lesher Natural Stone, Tile & Quartz is a small family-owned business that specializes in unusual and custom work. They purchased the Breton vein matching software as a package with their bridge saw and were surprised by how much it improved their business.

“I did not think the product would be much of assistance, but I was very happily proved wrong. The program was a huge help, especially in working with products with lots of veining” – Frank Lesher.

“We are doing more complicated custom work now with the software and machine. Jobs that used to take 1 hour are done now in 15 minutes” - Frank Lesher.
How Does Breton Vein Matching Work?
Breton Vein Matching is composed of 7 simple steps:

1. Project Import – Import 2D project files from any CAD environment in DFX format.

2. 3D Processing – A 3D version of the various pieces included in the project will be generated from the files imported.

3. 3D Layout Composition – Lay out each 3D component to be manufactured as they would appear in the desired room.

4. Slabs Selection from Database – Slab selections are saved in a storage system under the name “Magazine”, where one can easily select which component to work with.

5. Slab Positioning - The operator positions parts of the slabs into the different spaces already laid out, rotating or using different pieces of the slabs for different looks.

6. Slab Positioning Accuracy - Thanks to real-time processing, the operator can assess and adjust the finished result of the project in accordance with the desired bookmatch veining effect, by modifying positioning, dimensions, colors, shades, and other details.

7. Final View Export to be Proposed to Client - At the end of the development phase, the final view’s layout may be exported and shown to the client for final evaluation.

Breton Vein Matching owners such as Lesher Natural Stone, Tile & Quartz find these steps very easy to follow:

“Within a couple of days of training [our staff] could do the basics, and within a week or two they were fluent with the software. I would recommend that others get the software because it makes the work faster, easier, and more accurate” – Frank Lesher.
Breton USA Training
Training is provided to fabrication shops and CNC operators with every Breton USA machine purchase. Even if unfamiliar with operating CNC machines, the Genya bridge saw is incredibly simple to operate thanks to Breton USA’s exclusive training.

After installation, Breton technicians will remain at the fabrication shop for training purposes until the operators feel comfortable and knowledgeable on the processes of the machine and its accessories. Breton USA provides its customers with the best resources and tools necessary for shops to get the most out of their new equipment. 
Breton USA Service
Breton USA aims to surpass service expectations. Solely responsible for servicing every Breton machine in North America, Breton USA has multiple venues to assist fabrication shops with any need, including multiple service points and a 24-hour remote hotline. 

Breton USA’s service points are spread out all over the map to respond to all service requests in a timely manner. The service points include the following:

Sarasota, FL USA
Detroit, MI USA
West Coast, USA 
Montreal, Canada 
Ontario, Canada
Toronto, ON

Breton USA’s remote hotline allows technicians to connect directly to Breton machinery, troubleshooting problems in real-time for quick and cost-effective results.
Contact Breton USA
To learn more about the Breton Genya, the Breton Vein Matching accessory, or the variety of bridge saws Breton offers, reach out today via phone or email!

Breton USA is happy to provide additional information and tools that will help fabrication shops succeed.




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