Breton Tech Days

From September 28th to October 2nd, Breton offers webinars designed to inform fabricators on the latest technology and stone industry trends.
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Breton Combi - Sawjet Monoblock - Miterwave - Banner

10 Reasons To Choose Combi

The top 10 features of Breton Combi, the upgraded monoblock sawjet.
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Breton presents its new brand and creates bespoke services to improve the business performances of smart factories.

Luca Toncelli, President: «This is how we support companies in their relaunch».
“Artificial Intelligence for Stone”, a new R&D project sustained by MiSE (Ministry of Economic Development)
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Breton Raptor Bugatti Chiron

Client Spotlight: The Bugatti Chiron's Tail Light

Bugatti Chiron's tail light: Manufactured by Composites Aragón using their Breton Raptor, the machining center that guarantees speed and precision.
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CNC Software Document Manuals and Video Training

Breton SmartDOC

SmartDOC: The CNC Document Storage and Video Training Resource.
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Smart Pack Genya Breton

Breton Smart Pack Genya

Smart Pack Genya: Now Including Vein Matching Software and SmartDOC.
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Breton Combi Bridge Saw Waterjet

New Monoblock Combi

15 years ago, Breton developed a stone cutting machine that combined saw and waterjet. Today, Breton announces Combi: The sawjet with a monoblock structure.

The Breton Combi not only performs complex cuts with saw and waterjet but also has no foundations, speeding up installation processes for a quick start in production.
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Las Vegas Rock Breton Paragon

Client Spotlight: Las Vegas Rock

Breton USA had the opportunity to interview Las Vegas Rock, Breton client since 2016, owner of the Breton Paragon, and winner of the 2019 Pinnacle Award of Excellence in Architectural Carving/Lettering/Sculpture.
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Bridge Saw Vein Matching

The Breton Genya: Vein Matching

The Breton Vein Matching Accessory You'll Want For Your Bridge Saw.
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Travis Farley New Sales Agent Breton USA

Breton USA's New Sales Agent: Travis Farley

Travis Farley has joined the Breton USA team as their new direct sales agent.
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