MultiCut 350/550


Breton Multicut is a programmable multi-spindle automatic saw with a revolving worktable and is designed for cutting both natural and engineered stone slabs to any required size.

Breton Multicut is designed and developed to offer high-production and cutting performance combined with improved operational flexibility and a sophisticated and advanced slab optimization system.



The work cycle; longitudinal cuts, work-table rotation, transversal cuts, is fully automatic and computer managed. Slab loading and product unloading operations can be automated to meet specific requirements. Precise and accurate cutting.

The work cycles are programmed on the machine monitor and can be stored and then recalled whenever required. Depending on slab thickness, the slab can be cut in plunge-cut or step-cut mode.

The “scanner” system scans the shape of the slab and records surface defects, and a special software elaborates and defines the best cutting cycle based on the slabs available and work orders programmed in the system. The result is maximum production optimization.


Breton Multicut can in real time optimize slab surface by automatically selecting the most appropriate cutting cycle to process the work orders previously programmed in the computer system which controls and manages the production line.

When slabs are fed-into Breton Multicut, a scanner scans the shape and size of the slabs and the operator can mark out any defects, holes or cracks in the surface. Based on the information transmitted by the scanner and on the programmed work orders, a purposely developed software manages the machines and equipment forming the production line simultaneously.

This software can also receive work orders through a local access network from the office PC. The work order can include diverse formats of tiles which are identified in the order utilizing just the measurements for length and width. For each format the required quantity is defined and is automatically updated based on the number of cutting cycles for each slab processed until the order is completed. Slab cutting, based on the information received from the scanner, is optimized to reduce waste. Even slabs with surface defects such as holes, stains, marks etc. are optimized using this system.

The scanner records the defects of the slabs and sends prompts to the software only if the defects have been previously marked out by the operator who simply positions over the defect (whether it is a hole, stain, crack, etc.) a piece of non-reflecting matt material (e.g. standard household carpet). When the slab passes under the scanner, the scanner reads the covered areas as if part of the slab is missing identifying these zones as part/s of the slab which cannot be utilized in production.

Prompts are then sent to the main system PC and the software elaborates the information and defines the best cycle to optimize production. The operator removes the material used to cover the defects which can be reused or thrown away. The information is then graphically displayed on the monitor indicating the percentage of material processed.

There are several cutting and optimization options: For sawing strips (longitudinal or transversal or mixed) the system will automatically standardize the cutting pattern to reduce the machine’s cycle time for very complex cutting patterns. This function brings together, where possible, strips having the same cuts so that they can be sawn in a single work cycle.        


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