Multibreton RC

Multibreton RC - Trimming machine for marble and granite

The Multibreton RC is a trimming machine for marble or granite strips that can be equipped with up to three cutting spindles: two spindles are adjustable in width while the central one is fixed.

Strips are conveyed by a multiply belt covered by a thick layer of rubber designed to accept the cuts from the diamond blades.

The cutting spindles

The two adjustable cutting spindles can be manually positioned along the bridge through a screw/lead nut system and slide on guides encased in an oil bathand protected by a water labyrinth seal. On request, operating from the push-button panelthe positioning of each individual spindle can be motorized and sequential. When spindles arrive to the programmed position, hydraulic clamps lock them firmly in place on the bridge.

All cutting spindles can be independently excluded in height by means of a pneumatic piston. The smooth and straight advancement of strips over the conveyor belt is assured by a system of vertical and horizontal pressor rollers and by a horizontal guide made of wear-resistant steel. When the width of strips changes, the adjustment of both the guide and the vertical pressor system is self-centering and is obtained by simply turning a handwheels

The Control Unit

All the general controls to start and switch-off the machine are located in front of the operator. A small portable push-button panel is availablefor the blade positioning operations so thatthe operator can safely command the spindle displacement inside the working area.


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