Multibreton DXR

Multibreton DXR

Fastest machine for in-line processing, without 90° deviation of strips like the passage machine. It is an original patented system.

Designed to cut marble or granite strips, it is equipped with twelve diamond blades having adjustable distance. For each cutting cycle, the machine can cut a single strip or two strips simultaneously - even of different length - into items of the desired size.

The Cutting Cycle

The cutting cycle is completely automated, without the intervention of the operator:

1. The marble or granite strip to be sawn advances on a conveyor belt sliding over the milled table of the machine and stops automatically against a transversal reference guide, which is placed at the end of the belt.

2. The aligner/pusher aligns the strip and pushes it against the cutting blades. The absolutely orthogonal thrust of the aligner occurs with adjustable acceleration/deceleration ramps.

3. The tiles so obtained move on the unloading belt sliding on the milled table of the machine.

The Spindles

The cast-iron spindle units slide along the bridge on guides in an oil bath, perfectly protected from water.

Movement is by a screw with lead nuts connected to an electromagnetic clutch. Once each spindle has reached the programmed position, it is blocked by a hydraulic mechanism. A pneumatic device can exclude each spindle unit vertically.

On request, the positioning of each individual spindle can be executed automatically and sequentially upon setting the cutting dimensions and blade thickness on the control display where the effective work dimensions of each moving spindle and the programmed values are visualized.

The standard machine is supplied with motorized sequential adjustment with control from a remote push-button panel.


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