Modulo 3

Modulo 3


Module 3 is an automatic shingle polisher with rubber shutters for polishing the passage of flat linear profiles, shaping of particular profiles, double-sided bevelling, calibration, drips and slots on natural stone and agglomerate products, positioned horizontally. 

The Module 3 is a very versatile machine, suitable to be made in multiple configurations and up to 12 polishing heads of the vertical rib (with option to make them brandishing).
straight edge polisher
It can fit 8 to 12 vertical edge polishing spindles. It can also be equipped with: 

• Calibrator / rectifier spindle controlled by an electric motor, manually positioned, to be equipped with the appropriate diamond tool to perform one of the following operations (one use excludes the other): 
a) thickness calibration on the lower band 
b) slot on the front of the coast by placing diamond disc on calibrator 
c) profiling of the rib with a diamond-shaped grinding wheel on calibrator but not polished. The working height is manually adjusted by means of handwheel 

• 2 or 4 or even 6 chamfering spindles 
• 1 spindle to run the drip


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