Luxmaster Tango

Technological excellence for absolute performance

The new Luxmaster Tango project is the result of a perfect mix of tradition and innovation.

Reliability, sturdiness, performance excellence and innovative solutions, features that have always distinguished Breton products, have also been the guidelines for designing this new polishing machine for marble slabs.

The spindle, the beating heart of the machine, has been redesigned with the goal of increasing the maximum working thickness and utilizing the new revolutionary 10-tool abrasives, while maintaining a high dynamic machining. To achieve this, the over-dimensioning of critical components and the use of light-new-generation alloys were of utmost importance.

Increased transmission pulleys with asynchronous belts ensure the right amount of power to maximize the performance of the 10 tools.

Axes transmissions with brushless digital control engines, in addition to guarantee unique work speeds in its market segment, allow for optimal ramps control and can be modulated in all situations to better adapt to each and every slab material and shape.

The supremacy in polishing with the new tango version

The ingenious oscillating spindle movement, modular and configurable, increases the homogeneity of the "smooth" or "mirror polished" finish, meeting the demands of an increasingly demanding market.

The spindles are securely anchored to the beam, the oscillatory motion is performed with a simple mechanical system and well-sized cushions, lifelong lubricated and equipped with greasing points.

The spindles oscillate and work synchronously, without asymmetrically overloading the slabs to be polished, thus ensuring the absence of any breakage of the most fragile and precious materials.


Ability to integrate, through optional software accessories, to modern process management software, for a total control of costs and production.


- High definition slab profile reader
- Barcode reader
- RFDI tag reader
- Inkjet markers
- Label makers
- Polish automatic detectors
- Scanners
- Cameras

These are just some examples of what LUXMASTER can offer to equip your workshop with a truly modern line to compete in all current modern-world scenarios


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