Levibreton One

A simple, robust, and high performing machine

Levibreton ONE is a simple and robust polishing machine designed for polishing granite, marble and engineered stone slabs. It mounts just one powerful 15Kw head which travels along the mobile bridge ensuring maximum honing/polishing tool performance. It is fitted with a very simple touch-screen control panel ideal for inexperienced operators.

15 KW honing polishing group

The honing – polishing group in cast iron is specifically designed to ensure structural rigidity at a limited weight offering greater system dynamics. The 15kw power ensures maximum honing-polishing tool performance for any material.

The spindle raising and lowering system is balanced thanks to a pair of pistons with protected internal rods.

Automatic Machine Polishing Programs

1 – Simple alternating movement
2 – Staggered transverse movement
3 – Staggered vertical movement
4 – Contouring movement
5 – Staggered crisscross movement


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