Levibreton Eureka

Eureka Cuts the Scrap - One machine - three processes

Just one machine to perform completely independent machining operations; Calibrating, Leveling, and Polishing. 

The machine is designed to accept a series of MIRAGE heads and SG8 oscillating bricks heads.

The MIRAGE head is equipped with 6 inclined axis tapered diamond tools offering exceptionally high removal rates. The head rotates at low speed (240 rpm), while the diamond discs spin at 2,800 rpm, allowing the tools to reach a peripheral velocity of 30 m/s, the optimal speed for granite machining.

The MIRAGE head operates under pneumatic pressure and is assisted by a back-pressure system and an inverter, plus a mechatronic system responsible for defining the maximum downward travel of the head.

Establishing the machining position and operating the Mirage heads at their maximum material removal rate, Eureka can calibrate slabs to the required thickness.

If you don’t need the calibrating function, the Mirage heads work as polishing heads and the downstream SG8 oscillating brick heads complete the levelling and polishing operations.



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