Fuego Multiaxis

Fuego Multiaxis

New Breton machine for cutting blocks and billets using a diamond wire.  This is ideal for producing cylindrical/tapered columns, casings for columns, shaped and rough hewed components for interior decoration through the interpolation of up to 10-axes. 

Fuego's Key Features

The Fuego has two opposite "carriages" that move vertically and independently on guides that have ball screws and are protected by bellows. 

One trolley is equipped with a motor and driven pulley, both driven pulleys are 1,000 mm diameter.  The tautness of the tension pulley is maintained by a pneumatic cylinder. 

Two pairs of guidepulleys of 300 mm diameter ensure the precise guidance of the wire near the entrance and exit of the block to be cut. 
The machine is equipped with a 6 wheel motorized trolley, 3 of the trolleys are a "V" profile wheel with a motorized rotating loading platform. 

The traverse and rotation axes of the trolley which are interpolated with the downward movement of the diamond wire allows the Fuego to perform complex profiles. 

The machine can cut blocks with maximum dimension of up to 1,800 mm in height with a diamond wire that can incline up to +/- 20°, requiring a 300 mm recession in the foundation on either side of each column. WIth the wire parallel to the trolley surface, the distance between the diamond wire and the surface itself is 2,200 mm. 
The deflection of the wire during the cutting operations is controlled by the operating system of the machine.  Based on the position of the tension piston that adjusts the cutting speed to always ensure the perfect accuracy of the finished product. 

The electrical cabinet contains a digital inverter that controls the power of the main motor, drives for the driven motors for the axes movement, and an NC unit and a color touch screen operating panel. 


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