Forte HD 80


forte cnc router
The Forte HD 80 comes from the experience of previous Contourbreton models.
forte cnc router
With useful working strokes in "X" of 3,200 / 3,800 mm, in "Y" of COMPACT 1,950 / WIDE 2,300 / EXTREME 4,000 mm, and in "Z" of 300mm. 
Equipped with manual opening doors with electric safety lock. 
Worktop made of a unique piece in the special Metalquartz® polymeric material.
Maximum front accessibility, with lowered work surface and integrated front step.
forte cnc router
The robust electro-welded structure ensures the rigidity required for each type of machining.  The mobile bridge and the spindle unit are operated with sprocket / rack systems and Siemens brushless motors. The mobile bridge is operated with a "gantry" system . The precision of the movements are guaranteed by the linear recirculating ball guides and precision encoders.
forte cnc router
Work bench made of the Metalquartz® technology, a special patented quartz compound in polymer matrix that guarantees high stiffness and a coefficient of expansion consistent with steel. 

SYSTEM Liquid ring vacuum pump, with high performances and low maintenance costs. 

• Tool cooling with internal and external water. 
• Vertical stroke of 300 mm, with distance between spindle nose and working table of 520 mm, for digging on solid wood. 
• Spindle fixed on a cast iron structure to minimize bending in all working conditions.
• Digital control engines. 
• Vacuum circuit with external front controls. 
• "Quick" movements up to 80 mt / min. 
• "in line" bilateral tool magazine. 
• HSK-B80 tool holder . 
• 4th axis "C" (accessory).
forte cnc router
The Forte HD 80 is built with a powerful spindle, closed circuit cooled with large diameter ceramic bearings terna, capable of high performance: 30 Nm to 14,500 rpm. It is specifically and uniquely designed and built to work stone, agglomerated stone and ceramics.
Forte HD 80 is equipped with the latest generation Siemens Sinumerik 840 SL CNC control unit (CNC) with adigital control on a PC architecture and a personal computer with a Windows 7 operating system. The control panel with color touch screen monitor and USB port is adjustable. A smal portable push-button panel duplicates the main controls (axes + handwheel control, emergency stop...) and allows the operator to check directly on the work piece, the correct execution of some particularly delicate operations.
forte cnc router
BRETON SMART CAM COUNTERTOPS: CAD / CAM software for the production of countertops on contouring centers
The CAM module allows the following main operations to be carried out:
• cutting with disc
• contouring, profiling, drilling, milling and emptying with milling or shaped tools
• polishing of inclined planes
• milling and polishing of grooves on inclined planes
 3D engravingof Windows True Type characters on horizontal or vertical flat surfaces
• automatic calculation of toolpaths based on a pre-compiled technology table
• rapid modification of path entrances and exits tool
The CAD module allows:
• create two-dimensional drawings with relative dimensioning 
• import drawings in DXF and DWG format from external CAD or template detectors 
• program automatically and view the arrangement of the suction cups on the workbench 
• interface with the software of the possible laser projector for the arrangement of the suction cups on the workbench 
The SOLIDA 3D SIMULATION module makes it possible to:
• check for possible collisions between the tool-piece and the machine-tool The software works in a Windows environment, it is intuitive and easy to use. 
NB The functionality of the software may be limited by the technological and functional characteristics of the machine.


forte cnc router
Today it is possible to further improve the performance and timing of Forte HD 80 Robocup by equipping it with an anthropomorphous robot for handling workpieces equipped with a vacuum gripping device.
forte cnc router
The robotic application is implemented by Breton in collaboration with the company Optidrive , specialized in the integration and softwarization of theKuka anthropomorphic robots . 
The robotized application in question allows to place automatically on the suction cups even large pieces (up to 3,400 x 1,600 m) taking them from the feeding roller conveyor, in just 34 seconds.
forte cnc router
At the end of the work, the robot places the processed slab on the unloading roller conveyor, unloading the scraps and automatically washing the worktop.



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