EasyEdge V7S

EasyEdge V7S

straight edge polisher
EasyEdge V7S is specially designed to polish straight, flat edges and to perform the upper and lower chambers on natural and compound stone panels placed upright. The polishing spindle unit is designed with oscillating motion in order to guarantee the maximum polishing degree, independently of thickness.

Easyedge V7 is a machine for polishing flat straight ribs and the bilateral bevel on panels of natural and agglomerated stone material positioned vertically. The group of polishing spindles is equipped with oscillating movement to ensure the best polishing degree 
over the whole range of thicknesses. 

It is equipped with a spindle at the inlet that can perform the shaping of the rib, or the calibration of the thickness of the lower band, or the "drip cut". Thanks to its simplicity, the machine is shipped completely assembled and can be installed and started quickly even without the intervention of specialized technicians of the manufacturer.

It does not need foundations and is simply anchored to the ground. The processing water is collected inside the machine and conveyed to the discharge point. Easyedge V7 can polish pieces with thicknesses up to 60 mm, and the adjustment to varying thickness occurs very simply by manually moving the side presser bar. 

The basic machine is supplied in a complete set-up that includes: 

- 1 spindle for shaping the edge, thickness calibration or drip incision. 
- 7 mandrels for polishing the straight rib. 
- 2 mandrels for the execution of the bevels. 
- 1 spindle (+1 optional) for chamfering.

distinguishing features

straight edge polisher
- Management of the electromechanical machine without any electronic sophistication, so as to facilitate maintenance even directly by the user.
- Pneumatic pressure polishing spindles, with multiple labyrinth front radial seals and protection bellows to guarantee maximum reliability when working under a head of water; 
- 2 pneumatic pressure bevelling spindles (1 + 1 opposed) to perform normal bevels.
- 1 mechanical positioning chamfer spindle (plus 1 optional opposed) to perform deep chamfers of the edges. The chamfers are then polished by pneumatic pressure bevelling mandrels.
- Oscillating movement of the group of polishing spindles to ensure the best degree of polishing on the straight flat edge over the whole range of thicknesses. 
- Great stability of the vertical workpiece thanks to the stiffness of the conveyor belt of the guided material in its seat.
- "Plug and play" machine, can be installed and started by the user without the need for intervention by the manufacturer's specialized technicians.
- Guards to keep the processing water inside the machine, preventing it from polluting the surrounding area. 
- Gaurds and stainless steel electrical cabinet to eliminate rust problems.
- Machine according to CE or UL standards.


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