Easycut FE 600 Evolution

Easycut FE 600 Evolution

The bridge saw for every type of production in small/medium series productions and in simple processing. 

- With a 625 mm disc, manually tilting in any position from 0°  to 90°  with the possibility of cuts even on inclined increments. 

- Easy to use thanks to the user friendly interface. 

- Equipped with a mobile push button panel with a 7 inch color graphic display with touch screen technology that can be brought into the working area to align the beam with the laser tracer.  It also allows you to store up to 100 different sequences of longitudinal cuts that are programmable at will and designed for use in millimeters or inches.

- Joysticks for moving the machine's axes, ensuring simple maneuverability of the same manual cutting.  

- Simultaneous movement of the machine axes controllled by an inverter and XYZ encoder. 

- Bench with a flat surface covered with wood that does not require counter table to work. 

- Manual rotation of the bench with mechanical locking with pin at 0°, 45°, 90°, -45°, and mechanical locking with manual operation in any other position bewteen 0° and 360°

- Continuous trace laser unit for alignment of the cut. 

Numerous Available accessories

Bridge Saw
- Hydraulic tilting bench.

- Motorized rotation of the bench.

- Opto-electronic copier of drawings for direct reading of the profile shape.

- Profile/Pulygon Importer for the management of DXF files and their transfer to the machine via SD card. 

Included Software

Bridge Saw
The basic software that accompanies the Easycut allows multiple processes:

Manual management of the machine is very simple, fast, and intuitive accessible even to inexperienced operators without any knowledge of electronics. The operator will operate the machine using the simple portable keypad, the laser to sight the cuts, and reading the cutting quotas on the touch screen. 

In this mode, the machine automatically performs a series of longitudinal cuts, each spaced by the desired size, the bench is rotated manually by 90
°, and a series of cross cuts are made and spaced by the desired size. 

In this mode, it is possible to draw the profile to be created directly on board the machine by setting both the roughing and finishing parameters. The location of the disk will be the source of the profile being executed  

In this mode, it is possible to draw the piece you want to realize directly on board the machine.  The position of the disc will be the origin of the piece being executed. This processing is possible only if the "motorized bench rotation" accessory is present. 


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