Combi-Cut DJ/NC 550

Combi-Cut DJ/NC 550

This CNC machine with a waterjet and diamond blade saw combination was the first of its kind and it remains the most productive, efficient and innovative. It cuts large granite, marble, and compound stone slabs into various styles and designs for different markets, including second-to-none mitering jobs. Its interpolated 5-axis head carries out the most difficult cuts, shapes and figures swiftly. There are also many accessories, such as Miterwave, which lets this 5-axis machine execute perfect miters every time, even with non-planar surfaces. The Worktop Exchange System is another feature that improves production, efficiency and ergonomics of all fabrication shops. The Breton Multi Touch system creates a user-friendly interface for slab manipulation while slicing and dicing.
 “The Combicut improved our production by 75% … allowing us to turn jobs around in two days compared to 10 days before we had it.”

       -     Jason Demick – Owner of Jupiter Granite Co, FL

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