About Breton USA

5-axis cnc machine manufacturer
Founded on Service
Breton USA began our mission of servicing Breton machinery in 2004 and today we hold the exclusive contract to service Breton S.p.A. equipment throughout North America, including the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbeans. Growing steadily since our first facility opened in Sarasota, Florida, we’ve expanded to add six North American Service Points. 

Our technicians have been meeting the needs of a robust client base for years, keeping their Breton machines running smoothly, and reinforcing Breton's brand reputation for performance and dependability.

Beginning in July 2011, Breton USA expanded its scope to include sales and distribution for the full catalog of Breton products for all of the United States and Canada. With a product line of machines for the Stone Working,Ceramic Processing, Machining Tools, and Engineered Stone Plant industries, each and every machine that Breton USA sells upholds a high standard of quality, performance, and safety.

With agents around the country, our sales team is dedicated to expanding our footprint in North America and to keeping our existing clientele informed on the latest technological advances that put them on the cutting edge in their industries. They are continually identifying new opportunities for growth and new customers with a real need for Breton’s product line.

Unifying the sales and service experience is what makes us Breton USA.

: +1 (941) 960-8753
Email: MachineSales@BretonUSA.com