Winger Flux

Breton Winger Flux

Breton Winger Flux is the CNC Router designed to maximize the production of kitchen countertops.
Breton Winger Flux achieves this through various operations that include:
- Accurate cutting of counter sink holes and cooking tops. 
- Machining drainboards and flush mounted sinks.

Machining tap holes. 
Polishing internal sink holes. 

CNC Router Features

- Advanced technology and easy-to-use software to maximize productivity and countertop production.
- Internal polishing of sinkholes.
- Less need for manual intervention and minimal supervision due to line automation.
- Line configuration leads to better flow in production thanks to conveyor belt and rollers.
- Monoblock structure, one block of galvanized steel, allows for quick installation and start-up as well as increased accuracy.
- Clean work process due to watertight structure and water collecting system.
- External structure made of robust stainless steel to prevent oxidation.
"High cutting speed" configuration to maximize hourly production.
- Higher level of working capacity, ability to install an additional 12 grippers for 30 grippers in total. 
- Automatic tool wear control thanks to laser reader. 
- C
ustomizable work program automatic loading for each piece to be processed thanks to the detection of the bar code.

- Additional level of anti-wear protection on the structure of the machine to prevent oxidation.
- Customizable positioning of electrical panel according to shops' layout and production needs.

Router Machine Software

- Smartcam CountertopsThe CAD/CAM software for designing, programming, and implementing of all projects made with Breton contouring centers.

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Breton Winger Flux CNC Router Machining Router
Fill out the contact information below for a Winger Flux brochure, or contact us at or 941-360-2700. 


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