Levibreton KFM

Levibreton KFM

The Levibreton KFM is available in various configurations and with various fittings, and can operate as individual units or can be integrated into a complete processing plant.

They can be fitted with calibrating spindles or polishing spindles and the number of spindles mounted can vary depending on the customer’s precise production requirements.


High Power and high precision calibrating units

The calibrating spindles are mounted to a robust cast iron monolithic structure which practically eliminates vibrations generated when operating even during intensive work cycles.

A recirculating ball screw assembly positions the diamond plate guaranteeing constant precision and performance reliability. This system also automatically raises the spindle in the event the conveyor belt shuts down preventing the diamond tool from excessively machining the workpiece, and then when restarted the spindle automatically returns to its preset machining depth.

The machining depth for each spindle is visualized on a digital display with a precision to hundredths. To guarantee such high precision machining encoders detect and monitor the position of the spindle rather than the ball screw assembly which moves the spindle.

The recirculating ball screw assembly system adopted for raising the spindle guarantees fast and precise spindle movements without wear, unlike conventional trapezoidal screw systems which in emergency conditions only allow for controlling vertical positioning of the spindle and do not raise and lower spindle.

Dynamically balanced large diameter and dimensioned diamond tools combined with high-powered motors, ensure high-speed machining performance. The diamond is fitted with a removable external crown that allows for quick diamond segment assembly and fitting.

High performing honing polishing units

The honing polishing units are the result of a specific design which has led to achieving:
- Greater rigidity and machining performance due to newly designed cast iron housings and increased motor power. 

- Greater reliability due to new lubrication channels in the shaft bushing, a new central water feeding system which flows in axis with the spindle which is mounted in an elevated position preventing any build up and deposits, and new lifting/lowering cylinders with protected rods. 

- Easy maintenance due to centralized grease nipples on the front of the spindle, new self adjusting thrust bearings, and a new system for displaying consumption of abrasive material. 

- Greater and improved safety due to water feedding in axis with the spindle to avoid any leakage onto the internal components and external water flow deviation system in the event of overfeeding or blockage, and sealed and protected commands. 


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