Genya Switch

Genya Switch: CNC Worktop Exchange Solution

Genya is the CNC 5-axis bridge saw that cuts and drills with accuracy, speed, and precision. It is equipped with:

- Breton Touch: User-friendly software, with different levels according to the operator's experience/time. A
utomatically suggests the best cutting patterns to the operator.
- Monoblock Structure: Composed of one block of galvanized steel for quick installation and start-up as well as increased accuracy.
- Range of Features and Softwares: To aid shops workflow such as a secondary spindle, label system, vein matching, and more.

Breton Genya Switch version maximizes slab processing thanks to its worktop exchange solution. 

CNC Saw Features

- Worktable Exchange Solution: Genya Switch version is equipped with multiple conveyors to facilitate work flow production. 

- Vacuum Cups
Equipped on the machine's spindle to guarantee safe placement of pieces during the cutting process.

- Fixed CameraAllows to take accurate pictures of whole slabs in a single snapshot.

- Rocket Tool: Secondary spindle dedicated to milling/coring at high RPM.

- LabelPro
Automatic labelling system on the spindle to optimize tracking of slabs through barcodes or QR codes.

Bridge Saw Software

- Breton Touch: Touch Interface software for the programming of cutting patterns.

Vein MatchingSoftware that creates infinite vein effect by matching the veins of up to 8 slabs simultaneously through slab cutting planning operations. 

XpressTopSoftware specifically designed to effectively manage the production cycle of whole kitchen tops: sales, design, inventory, all the way through delivery.

Genya Switch CNC Bridge Saw: Learn More

genya switch bridge saw cnc saw machine
Fill out the contact information below for a Genya Switch brochure, or contact us at or 941-360-2700. 


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